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Party On: Great Music to Jam with the Kids! #BTS18

Great Music to Jam with the Kids is fun & important!  Music is fundamental to infants, toddlers and children. Check out these albums!

Party On: Great Music to Jam with the Kids! #BTS18 @SMGurusNetwork

When my brother and I were children, he got on the track of singing a song from Barney. He constantly sang it, wanted to watch it, and plain drove me crazy. Now that he has a son, I’m looking forward to getting his little one on the track to pay him back for Auntie! Haha. Please Note: as funny as that may be, I’m serious, it’s happening.

Every kid does it. They pick 1 song and run with it. For as long as they can and way past our sanity. We all know it. It’s always cute at first but then….

The trick is, get them to have multiple songs, they’ll mix them up for a bit but it will keep our sanity and we can break the cycle of accidentally (and most randomly) singing their playlist in our heads! We’ve got three albums to help you get your kiddos jamming to some new songs!

Great Music to Jam with the Kids

Thumb Wrestling Champions: Great Music to Jam with The Kiddos!

Thumb Wrestling Champions

By The Green Orbs

I sit here to review this disc, completely alone with no children. This should be interesting. The title song opens up with a fun 80’s technology beat and gets your head moving whether you want it to or not. It’s super fun to listen to, silly as can be and even makes me laugh without having any little ones being silly! There’s definitely some 80’s vibe going on, along with a bug ballad (that you’ll really want to listen to, I swear), and even the much needed As Seen On TV type commercial with a little diddy! I am for real loving this disc and can’t wait to share it with my niece! The lyrics are absolutely silly!

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We Are One: Great Music to Jam with The Kiddos!

We Are One

By Animal Farm

This disc is a little more modern and definitely reminds me of the modern ‘hipster’ vibe. I could certainly see it being played (or performed) at a kid’s birthday party and certainly to keep kids moving during cleanup or music time. I love that some of their lessons, like Cranky Pants, It Always Could Be Worse (which almost has a circus fun feeling), and Two-Headed Turtle is one I’m looking forward to sharing with my nephew (part of his Cherokee name is u-li-na-wi, which means turtle).

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Jump In the Puddles: Great Music to Jam with the Kids!

Jump In the Puddles

By Steve Elci & Friends

Right off I can’t tell where this music is based. It’s just plain old fun kid’s music. Jump In the Puddles is a fun song about just that and even has a kid’s group singing the chorus and such. This one is definitely a playtime and dance album. Balloons gets you moving and grooving (even in your office chair). Bumble Bee has an almost country folk sound as we imagine what we’d do if we were various animals learning about being ourselves and being friends. Three Chord Song is perfect for dancing and spinning (though I feel like there are more than 3 chords with a total confession of a lack of musical ability).

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All of these albums are fantastically fun! It is a perfect set for Mom, sitters and teachers to stimulate, educate and entertain kids from 0 to probably 10 -11. Depending on their innocence and silliness, possibly even older. You’ll love jamming with the silly songs and the kids will have a blast pretending, dancing, and learning with them! Such great lyrics to stimulate the imagination!

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  • Edna Williams

    These all sound awesome! I know my grandson would love these!


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