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Classic Kids Songs #LaurieBerkner

Classic Kids Songs #LaurieBerkner

At the risk of sounding old fashioned, I miss the simple songs of my youth.  The ones sang with joy and happiness and no known sinister message or lesson.  It seems like these days the songs teach our children the wrong lessons, or at least the songs we sing with them from the radio and such.

I have greatly enjoyed hearing these kids songs, most from a much simpler time.  I think they’ll make you feel the same as you sing along with them.  Take the time to listen to this adorable collection and you’ll be singing and dancing along with your little ones without ever having to worry about any negative side effects (aside of course from constantly hearing the same song over and over, as children tend to do).

Check out the Laurie Berkner Band and you’ll find a new love for these old classic songs of our youth.

Classic Kids Songs #LaurieBerkner

Laurie explains, “I made my first recording, Whaddaya Think Of That? because I wanted families to have a way to listen at home to the songs I was singing with their kids in the classroom, especially the ones I had written, which they wouldn’t have know otherwise.  I included traditional songs, too, because I wanted some of the music to be very familiar. 

With each consecutive album, my own originals became more and more of what the kids wanted to sing, so I got away from recording the traditional songs I grew up with.  Now, with Laurie Berkner’s Favorite Classic Kids’ Songs, I’m doing the opposite and exploring many of the songs that were so formative for me and helpful in my early days as a music teacher.”

A former preschool teacher by day and indie rocker by night, Laurie Berkner started marketing her music more than fifteen years ago from her living room on her own label, Two Tomatoes Records.  She is now widely recognized as a pioneer in the “kindie” music genre and was crowned “the undisputed queen of kindie rock” by USA TodayThe Wall Street Journal noted, “Her music is distinctive because it speaks to kids without talking down to them, charming youngsters without boring grown-ups.”

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3 thoughts on “Classic Kids Songs #LaurieBerkner

  • July 13, 2019 at 8:05 pm

    The kids loved singing with Laurie Berkner.
    She has some really cute educational songs. I bought one of her cds long a go.
    We would ? sing-a-long together while in the car. Singing together was fun and it seemed to make our rides shorter in the car. This was pin worthy. Thank you for sharing!!

  • July 13, 2019 at 7:58 pm

    We loved singing ? along with Laurie Berkner when the kids were young. I bought one of her cds so we can sing-a-long together in the car. It was a fun time singing together. It made the trip seem shorter while in the car. This was pin worthy. Thank you for sharing!

  • November 27, 2015 at 1:12 am

    We love to dance! We do it all the time to make the morning more fun..even when brushing teeth!


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