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Birthdays & Celebrations

Snapology Franchise: Learn & Grow Having Epic Fun!

Snapology franchise is absolutely awesome. It’s a great place for birthday parties, homeschool events, kids clubs and even team building for’big kids!’

Learn & Grow with Snapology

If you haven’t heard of snapology I highly recommend you check it out. I did a post about them before that you can find here. You’ll definitely want to know if there’s one in your area, or when it’s going to get there! The Snapology Franchise takes learning to a new level in a super fun environment.

Snapology franchise has locations across the country and I’m super excited that they’ll soon have a location in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Definitely looking forward to taking my niece to play! I mean… learn… Yep, that’s totally what I meant. If they don’t have one near you, maybe that’s your opportunity to get into a new business! I’d love to open one in NW Arkansas!

Birthday Parties with the Snapology

Snapology Birthday Parties! The most Epic Party with the Least Work for You!

Planning the most epic birthday party is super easy with the snapology franchise. It’s definitely the birthday party that kids will be talking about for years to come! Even better: Mom and Dad will not have to clean up!

The themes they have for parties are pretty vast! They have themes around robotics where the kids actually build robotic toys, lego parties (all sorts), Minecraft, Paw Patrol, Big Hero 6, Spongebob, Ninja Turtles, Superheroes, building their own cities and so much more! There is something that every kid will love!

Homeschool with Snapology

Homeschool with the Snapology Franchise

If you’re leading a Homeschool Group, you know that hosting can be a mess. Hosting at snapology will enable you to teach new and fascinating lessons, perhaps more in depth than you might have been able to do at home with their vast resources and teaching areas. They have classes for pre-school on up with an entire catalogue to choose from! Being all inclusive, there are programs that can also benefit children who have special needs which I greatly appreciate!

I love that they can be a field trip too! They’ll host or even come to your school for assemblies! There are so many things kids can learn at Snapology! Some of my favorites: Video Game Design (that could come in handy!), animation, anti-bullying programs (for small groups of 10-25 all the way up to providing assemblies!), team building, S.T.E.M., Common Core (geez how I hate that one), and so much more!

Business Leadership with Snapology

Team Building with Snapology

Too old but not ready to be completely grown up? They’ve got you covered! They provide team building for adults with fun play too! Now that’s a company meeting I want to go to! Much better than the drone lectures with boring handouts!

At this point, you’ve given up reading and are checking them out right? How could you not! I’m having a hard time typing as I’d really rather be exploring and planning on their site!

I’d love to hear about your plans or experiences with Snapology!
Are there any Snapology Franchise locations close to you?


I’d love to hear some great homeschool ideas?  I’ve got a great friend who is beginning that journey!


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