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Reaching Milestones & Growth In Business, Websites & Life!

Milestones are a challenge and growing a business is even more challenging, whether it’s a brick & mortar, online store, or even a blog. It takes a lot of effort, work and dedication.

Reaching Milestones & Growth In Business, Websites & Life!

Reaching Milestones & Growth

Reaching milestones is such an exciting part of business growth. Nothing aside from opening day is exciting as reaching various milestones, of course each seems better than the last. The only bad part is once a milestone is accomplished, it can make reaching the next level seem like miles away.

I have learned in both a brick & mortar business as well as on this website, new clients and higher ratings can seem like they’ll never come. Fortunately, I’ve also learned if we don’t focus too much on growth, it will come easier!

Customer Churn may be the most challenging aspect. This refers how many customers and/or followers have unsubscribed to your service or mailing in a period of time. Knowing customer churn info gives you the benefit of breaking it into periods helps us to know what changes made what an effect.

As a blogger, shifting what I post about makes a difference. Unfortunately for me, I prefer not to get trapped into a particular niche and therefore fall into the change of followers quite often. I also refuse to use click bait, which doesn’t help. My hope is that my readers appreciate a host that is genuine.

Reaching Milestones & Growth In Business, Websites & Life!

As a small business owner, we strive to provide above average customer service before anything, even profit. This can make growth a challenge for the first few years. Eventually though, word of mouth has done us well and we have the most loyal clients ever. We are grateful for them.

In order to defeat any losses without losing one’s business, one must keep going no matter what. Keep trying to build and you’ll reach the next milestone. Sometimes growth staggers and wanes, but it doesn’t have to stop. If you are a blogger, keep doing your thing. You’ll get there, or not, just enjoy the ride!

If you are looking for amazing presentation templates, check out this post.  They are fantastic and make the creative side of presentations super easy and highly professional!  They’ve really opened up my world on getting promotional stuff made!

Partnering with other business and organizations can help a lot as well. Especially if you are in a small town! There are always opportunities to work in areas to get your name out there, and that’s important for business! After all, the majority of us would utilize a company that helps in the community before we’d use one that was all about their own profit.

As a blogger, community is, obviously, other bloggers and websites. Get in touch with other sites, write guest posts and manage campaigns together. Then you’ll both reach a larger audience! It’s a great way to get ‘out there’ online!

Don’t ever think that rapid growth is better, rapid growth can disappear just as quickly as it appeared. Allow yourself to take time and grow. This way you won’t fall into despair when results aren’t immediate or constant. Along the way somewhere, I learned that one should not expect a decent profit in the first 2 years. That is the time for sacrifice. That understanding has helped me a lot.

It is my belief and opinion that learning equals growth. My Great Grandfather use to say that if you weren’t learning, you weren’t living. I hope today you’ve learned lots so far and will continue to learn a lot as this day goes by.

I’d love to hear all about what you have learned, business or otherwise!

*Note: Photos come from MorgueFiles.com as well as an article I enjoyed about Customer Service for Small Business.  In addition, this post is sponsored.


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