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Disney Side DIY Disney @Home Celebration Party

Disney is awesome and this party let us get our Disney Side out! Great products, crafts, food, fun, games and more! Check it out!Disney Side Home Celebration Party!

Disney Home Party

My friends and I had the most awesome time with a group of very excited little ones!  Much planning happened, but we can talk about that another time!  Today, I want to tell you all about our Disney Side party! My bestie and I had a ton of fun planning! We even got her girl to join us in coming up with the games and leading them!

In the picture is the fabulous swag provided for our party! The inspiration for the bags came from Pinterest! Follow the link to check out my board.  The cards came straight from my Bestie’s imagination! She is amazing!

I used the Cricut Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge to cut the castle out and we traced and cut Mickey’s head with a cookie cutter. I thought they turned out pretty great!

The Games

Disney Party: Pin the Nose on Olaf!We found this printable Olaf via A Thrifty Mom.  I took it to the local print shop and had it blown up then laminated. Altogether it cost about $5 and an hour or so of time.

As for Olaf’s nose, my Bestie cut out carrot shaped pieces from foam. We stuck on some sticky tack, blind folded the kiddos and sent them on. The laughter that filled the room was priceless! Couldn’t have thought of a better way to let them enjoy the game!

They went back repeatedly to re-pin the nose as eventually the game became what was the silliest place to pin it. LOL. Love the sound of children’s laughter!

Disney Side Balloon Fun!Included in our Disney Side @Home Celebration Party pack were yellow balloons. Initially, we couldn’t figure out what to do with them. We decided to hang them from the ceiling as part of the decorations but the kids had more fun ideas. Balloon fights and games ensued and kept the party hoppin’!

Disney Bingo FunAnother fabulous addition to the party pack was Disney Bingo. The kiddos had fun playing using super yummy skittles to keep their Bingo spots! No worries about cheating, I think they’d rather have eaten them than added in extras!


Disney Party Princesses and Food!Last but certainly not least we had to have some yummy snacks! The kids enjoyed hot dogs, cheetos, fruits, veggies and just loved cupcakes! I don’t know if the party or the sugar hyped them up more, but they sure had tons of fun!

I can’t wait to have another fabulous party! All of our Moms are looking forward to booking a trip at Disney! We hooked them up with a wonderful woman to help them plan the perfect vacation and look forward to hearing their amazing stories!

If you are needing help planning, be sure and check out this page! Let her know My Crafty Zoo sent ya! They will help you get the vacation of your dreams!  I’m looking forward to being able to plan one of my own!

All in all, the party was a huge success! We had happy children and happy Mommies! Not a single complaint! Especially when the little ones went home and went straight to bed! Pretty good night for all of us if I do say so myself!

How do You Rock Your Disney Side???

Disney Side DIY Disney @Home Celebration Party


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