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Thomas the Train Birthday Party

My beautiful little God daughter is in love with Thomas!  Trains in general, I think, as well!  For her second birthday, she got to choose the them.  Naturally, she chose Thomas!  So, I thought I’d share the lovely homemade cake and some of the decorations.  Hope you enjoy!

The train tracks on the cake were made using licorice and the jelly beans add a nice rocky effect!  The little kit so that you have the train and plastic decoration can be purchased online or at anywhere you get cakes from.

Em loved the toys off the cake.  I will admit, I remember picking cakes for the toys when I was a kid.  Kind of like picking a kids meal for the toy.  LOL. 

I used my Cricut to cut paper trains then traced them with marker.  You may have the dedication to do the wheels and such in layers of multiple cuts, but I do NOT!  LOL.  Lil girl had fun putting them up on the wall too.  😀 

Some other ideas:

  • Red bandanas make great party favors to go with a little train conductor hat or (if you are brave enough) whistle!
  • Make train boarding passes for the invitations instead of buying them, then you can have hand stamps for when they enter
  • Make cardboard signs to use as decorations (such as stop signs, RR crossing, etc)
  • Set up little play areas where the kids can rotate through playing with different train sets
  • Make a duck tape railroad track for the kids to play on.  (just be careful what you stick it to, I’d stay with carpet!)
  • MUSIC!!!  Play music and/or videos in the background to help keep the mood going.

What is your favorite kids party theme???


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One thought on “Thomas the Train Birthday Party

  • Amy Bliss

    I *love* pirate themes! They’re so fun!

    My 6 year old nephew is obsessed with Thomas too.

    Oh, left you a little present on my blog!


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