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Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask #powerofplants

wpid-20140319_210055.jpgTrying out this clay mask was great. For many reasons: great for my skin, fun to apply, easy to peel off, and I freaked out my husband twice. These are all things that make it totally worth it! Initially the mask was too watered down so I shook up the bottle real good then it was great! Not too thick, not too thin. It was easy to get smoothed over my face. I was amused by the way it looked as it was drying, which is why I took the terribly dim selfie with my phone. LOL. I thought it looked like I was about to venture off into the jungle. I hadn’t told my husband that I was doing the mask, so when he walked in to that it scared the bejesus out of him *note: where the heck did that phrase come from??? Gonna have to find out!*. Anyway, it was funny because he jumped and screamed a little bit. I couldn’t help but think that if I were one of those girls that was dedicated enough to wear make-up constantly, maybe that is the reaction I would have gotten the first morning he saw me without it. Alas, I am not so I get to have these moments and I enjoy them. LOL. I’m a little rotten, but that is okay. It’s not like he didn’t know what he was getting into!wpid-20140319_202951.jpg
The mask is to be left on for 15 minutes to harden up and such. Let me warn you: you do NOT want to move your facial muscles in any way once it hardens. You will regret it! My husband was warned of that and sent away but couldn’t leave me alone for the 15 minutes required to be able to wash it off. SO, toward the end he came in and started talking. That was fine til he made me laugh! Usually that is one of my favorite things about us. We are always laughing at something, but in that particular moment it was uncomfortable, which made us laugh more, of course! So, I made him follow me into the bathroom so I could wipe it off. This, was the second time of the experience that I horrified him. Also sent me into even more laughter. I forced the poor man to take a pic of his reaction otherwise I could never get you to understand and really know a good portion of the depth of humor. Check out his facial expression: classic!  To be honest, it was very close to the one that wasn’t staged.  Man he cracks me up sometimes!  Regardless of his horror, the mask came off super easy with a soft wipe of a warm wash cloth.  It just took about 30 seconds to be completely removed.
wpid-20140319_210215.jpgAfter the mask was removed my skin was so incredibly soft! I couldn’t resist touching my cheek repeatedly (which probably defeated the purpose of getting the oils out but it was irresistibly soft!). The next day I had the fruits of my labor, as there were a few pimples that came up due to my pores being opened up but after they cleared up, my skin is great! Not dry, not oily! Also, still super soft!

If you are looking to treat yourself or just need a little girly care, you should definitely check it out!



I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.



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3 thoughts on “Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask #powerofplants

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I love a good mask. Makes your skin feel so much better! This one sounds nice!

  • What an awesome face mask, thanks for sharing! I always love the way my face feels after using one too. I will have to try this one!

  • Paula Pennachio

    I love the masks, he put that on really good lol


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