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StarLink: Explore & Conquer Atlas Star Galaxy

StarLink: Battle for Atlas is definitely a blast! Pun intended! Read our review and learn a little more about it.StarLink: Explore & Conquer Atlas Star Galaxy #StarlinkGame

Have you gotten all of your holiday shopping done with the terrible Thanksgiving black Friday shopping? This girl is completely opposed to wasting a day meant for my family on making retailers rich. When Black Friday was actually ON Black Friday, I was happy to give them more money than I needed to.

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StarLinkStarLink: Explore & Conquer Atlas Star Galaxy #StarlinkGame

Anyway, rant moving on. We recently received StarLink: Battle for Atlas Starter Pack and couldn’t wait to share it with you! This action packed space game is an adventure you don’t want to miss! Players pick their pilot, starship and weapons then take off!

Explore & Conquer Atlas Star GalaxyStarLink: Explore & Conquer Atlas Star Galaxy #StarlinkGame

You can fly all around the Atlas star system and explore the whole thing, meeting various alien species that you can form alliances with them. Depending on which alliances you make, the game changes so each time you play can be a completely new gaming experience!

StarLink: Explore & Conquer Atlas Star Galaxy #StarlinkGame

Don’t forget the battles! The pilot will battle with both space and land-based enemies in their custom designed spacecraft! Customize the spaceship with various weapons, different wings, and multiple types of spacecraft modules! Change them at any time during the game! Each pilot having different special abilities can change the game play as well!

Physical Pieces

StarLink also comes with various action figures, or toys if you are gifting this to a child (haha). One really neat feature about these pieces, is that with a custom controller mount, the assembled toy will appear on the screen! Even during game play!

StarLink: Explore & Conquer Atlas Star Galaxy #StarlinkGame

Don’t worry though, if you don’t have the mount, you can still play with the pieces. Purchasing a physical piece unlocks its digital counterpart. Still I love the idea of changing my physical ship mid game and it just appearing on the screen!

My Thoughts

All around, StarLink is a super fun adventure! Even searching the reviews online, one will find a majority of good reviews! Definitely loving it, though we are waiting for it to be officially opened at Christmas to play… Being an adult is over rated. HahaStarLink: Explore & Conquer Atlas Star Galaxy #StarlinkGame

In Starlink: Battle for Atlas, lead a heroic team of interstellar pilots to free the Atlas star system from the Forgotten Legion. Innovative modular toys allow players to build unique starships which can be customized on the fly for a new way to play as players adapt to overcome any challenge they encounter in this epic open world adventure.

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StarLink Explore & Conquer Atlas Star Galaxy #StarlinkGame #ad

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