Little Workers Digger: Backyard Must Have!

Little Workers Digger: Must Have for Backyards Everywhere!

Little Workers Digger is such a fun little toy! Every backyard, sand box, and dirt pit needs one! Hours of fun and imaginative play! Check it out!

Little Workers Digger: Backyard Must Have!

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Little Worker’s Digger is something many of us have seen at the park, some have even played on!  I can honestly say that having one in your own sandbox takes the play over the top!

This little tomboy can recall playing on those at the parks and wishing I could move the digger.  Limited range inhibited the construction process!  haha.  Plasmart Toys has fixed that, as the kids can move it around as necessary for construction!

Every kid is fascinated by construction equipment!  The Digger Terrassier is made for children age 5+ and designed in such a way that the weight of the child is center gravity to counter the weight of the dirt.  Genius!  It even rotates all the way around (360 degrees)!

So now it has been brought to our attention that our Little Worker needs a construction hat!  Safety First!  That speech is given quite a lot.  It was part of the speech for the helmet and pads required when playing on the Kimber Verve scooter.  Funny what they remember!


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