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Garden View Kitchen: Make Believe at it’s Best! @Simplay3company

Garden View Kitchen will keep the kids busy with hours of fun and learning! Son or daughter, no parent will regret this purchase and we’ll tell you why!

Garden View Kitchen: Make Believe, Learning & Full of Fun @Simplay3company

Imaginative play is both fun and beneficial for kids of all ages.  If you don’t believe me, just go watch your husband for a while!  See how happy he is when he’s playing?  haha

Seriously though, the Garden View Kitchen may be the absolute best playset for every young child and toddler!  It is well designed, incorporates multiple types of play, and even comes with it’s own storage space and accessories!  Now that’s a win for every parent!

 Garden View Kitchen

Garden View Kitchen: Make Believe At It's Best @Simplay3company

The Garden View Kitchen is the perfect gift for any occasion!  It’s easy to follow directions will keep you from pulling your hair out and the kids will be ready to play in no time!  It was very easy, once I began following the directions…

It has not only a shingled roof and serving area for your dining customers (can we say math learning opp?), but it has a play oven, refrigerator, microwave and stove top with working doors and knobs!  Nothing better than pretending with the same tools the parents get to use!  Hopefully, it will help keep them out of the kitchen when you are trying to cook dinner!

Garden View Kitchen Accessories! Make Believe at It's Best!!! @Simplay3company

Accessories!  It was pleasing that the Garden View kitchen came with accessories!  So many toys these days require additional purchases in order to get started.  It comes with 30 accessories including tableware, pots, pans and cooking utensils!  Everything two children need to prepare their imaginary meal!

All about the Mud Pies

One could not write this post without this story, so prepare yourself!  As a child, my life needed this fantastic kitchen.  Don’t believe me?  Read on…

Since I didn’t have access to toys such as these, I used the real thing.  What else could a kid do?  I was ‘forced’ to use my Great Granny’s double oven to cook my mud pies.  After all, she cooked pies in the top oven so of course my pies needed to be cooked!

Fortunately, my Granny (check out her chocolate gravy recipe!) was all about encouraging my imagination!  She allowed and encouraged me to make my mud pies and bake them!  I’d go down to the stream, fill an old (or at least I hope it was old) pie pan with mud, then bring it back up to the house and put it in the oven to be baked as a proper pie should!

As an adult, this mom is amazed at what my Granny’s let me do to encourage my creativity!  Long before the education benefit was a thing, my Granny’s let me play and create!  I can’t imagine myself allowing the same for my children, but who knows…

Pretend Play & Child Development

Pretend Play, also known as imaginative play or make-believe, is essential to the social and cognitive development in children.  That’s why they naturally do it: to learn!  By acting out what they see, children are demonstrating what they know, as well as processing and developing an understanding of them.

They are also showing you what they think they see, which is the best chance for your to correct and guide what they learn.  Of course, they also have a really good way of teaching us as adults to fix our ‘little’ behaviors.

Have you ever seen your little one doing exactly as you do while they play?  Saying what you say?  Yeah, that’s always fun.  haha

 Garden View Kitchen: Make Believe at it's Best! @Simplay3company

The Verdict

This parent, blogger, and student of child development can’t say enough about this playset!  The Garden View Kitchen enables children to play in so many ways!  Whether playing house, chef, waitress or whatever their little minds come up with you’ll enjoy the pleasure they take while unknowingly learning so much!

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Garden View Kitchen: Make Believe At It's Best


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5 thoughts on “Garden View Kitchen: Make Believe at it’s Best! @Simplay3company

  • This playset is so adorable! My grandchildren would have a blast playing with it!

  • Heather

    This is the cutest little play kitchen! Kiddos would have so much fun playing with this!

    • Isn’t it!?! I love that they have the little seating area on the other side, it brings a whole new dimension of play into it!

  • Leela

    My kids would LOVE that kitchen! They are little chefs.

    • That’s awesome! Bet they will come up with some great Mother’s Day surprises when they are bigger!


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