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Pet Cakes Review

Okay, have you SEEN these adorable little guys???  I’m in love!!!  They are super super cute!!!  When you push them down, they look like they are just cupcakes!  Of course, there is always sweetness in the middle of the cupcakes!!!  And, voila!  New zoo additions!!!

Okay, you all know I’m a bit crazy so I HAD to do a shot of them peeking out!  LOL.  What?  If YOU were in the cupcake wrapper, wouldn’t YOU want to see what was outside of it with flashy lights attacking you???  HA!  We all know if you said no, YOU are SO lying!  Just be honest, you’d peek too!!!
I received these two little guys to review.  A squirrel with a nut….  HA!  As if we aren’t nuts already!  And a sweet little bear!  Complete with honey bees swarming his icing!  (No worries, these are those ones that don’t sting and don’t cause allergic reactions!)

I’m a bit partial to the bear with his tongue out…  I couldn’t imagine why…..  LOL.  Sorry about the glowing eyes, he was waiting for his toy to be thrown and wouldn’t cooperate!  And yes, he ALWAYS has his tongue out!  If you really wanna know why, I’ll try to post that sometime.  It’s a sad, pitiful, and hilarious story of the TatorBug journey!

Their website is just as adorable!  They have a cute little game, aimed towards little ones.  It’s not educational, but it will help hand/eye coordination!  Oh, and probably drive your indoor pets crazy!  LOL.  Mine were giving me the ‘look.’

pet cakes

Anyway, you HAVE to go and get one for your little one!  They have a special going on Special Offer: Buy (4) or more Petcakes® Collectibles plush toys and receive the PetCakes® Collectibles Minis – 4 pack FREE you only pay an additional $1.99 shipping and handling.  So, as far as  I’m concerned, that’s at LEAST three birthday presents and one for Mommy!  😀  The town we live in is lame so you can’t send stuff to the kids at school, but I’m seeing the little guy in a cellophane bag, along with some candy and a balloon!  BAM!  You’ll be making someone’s day!!!  You could even go educational, adding a book about the animal!  See, so many options!

Okay, I’m done with my birthday ideas for now…  Of course….  There is always Valentine’s day…..  Or get well stuff….  OOOoooh….  Good job surprises….  Okay, really, I’m done!

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21 thoughts on “Pet Cakes Review

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I have never seen these before. How cute!

  • Lauryn R

    These Pet Cakes are so adorable! I want to collect them all now!

  • I’d like to see crafts with repurposed materials

  • I just found your blog and really like what I see. I guess crafts and kid friendly ideas is what I am always looking for. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I always love new recipes especially if photos included.

  • I would like all 3. I need to find more recipes that my kids will actually eat *sigh* Of course crafts and giveaways are always wonderful.

  • I just love slow cooker recipes, I can’t get enough!

  • I’d love to see recipes and crafts. Any kinds of crafts for cute things, and any recipes that call for lots of bacon and/or cheese!


  • My grand daughter would like to see some recipes that see can make. I’d like to see giveaways.

    clenna at aol dot

  • Hi there! I am new to your blog. I have three little girls and I love to try fun food recipes for kids. I’d love to see some of that 🙂
    [email protected]

  • Love recipes and crafts to do with kids! And of course Giveaways!

  • I always love new recipes especially if photos included. And I love getting new crafting ideas as well as long as they are not too complicated (I do most together with my 8 year old daughter)
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

  • I would love to see any recipes! I’m a total foodie! 🙂


  • I like all three. It is nice to no tha tothers live in a

    I like all three. It is nice to know that there are others who live in a “zoo”. There are 6 of us. Me, my husband, daughter and her boyfriend, my 11 year old granddaughter and 6 year old grandson. Plus we have a St. Bernard named Bernard, a rabbit and 3 snakes. Welcome to my zoo.

    [email protected]

  • I would like to see anything for kids, I like crafts too. Thanks for the giveaway


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