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Love Your Breed Review

Hello My Lovely People!!!  Thanks for stopping in the Zoo today!  I have found what is currently my favorite pup stuff shop!!!  They have super adorable stuff!  You can even sign your dog up for a birthday surprise!!!  No catch!  *Unless they surprise them with a bouncy ball!  LOL*  Come on, you KNOW that was too easy NOT to be funny!  LOL.  I love cheesy puns!!!  You know you snickered, admit it!

Dying to know???  I see ya playing dead!  LOL.  Wow, this is way way too easy!  Okay, I’ll tell ya put the ears down!  Fou Fou Dog (bet ya didn’t guess by the pic, huh?)  has some of the most adorable products!  They have everything from outfits and carriers to bedding and plush toys!  I have a shopping list for my angels!  They NEED some new stuff!  LOL.  *Don’t tell Chief Zoo Keeper!*

Anyway, I was able to review a selection from their Love Your Breed collection and I must say they are adorable!  I’m sure we all know the disappointment of products not being as good as they looked online in reality!  Not all the case here!  These are actually cuter in person than in the pics!  That NEVER happens!  I received the chihuahua breed collection and they are adorable!  I was disappointed to find that they didn’t have great dane stuff, but dane stuff is hard to come by!

Love Your Breed

Love Your Breed Review
So, the review.  I don’t like to give just the typical ‘it’s cute’ review, so here is the skinny!

I received, to review for my honest opinion, one of each of the following Chihuahua Love My Breed Product:
Key Chain
Key Cover
Suitcase ID Tag
My Pet Pocket
Ink Pen

Love Your Breed ReviewAll those that had labels were Made in China, if that matters to you.  They were very well made.  The key chain and key cover were both very well made with thick plastic that wasn’t too hard, but not soft enough to be ruined.  The key chain had some adorable little rhinestones on the collar!  The suitcase ID tag was also well made and super cute!

The little Pet Pocket was so adorable Monkey tried to steal it!  One thing I loved about the pen was that you can unscrew the chihuahua so you don’t have to throw him away or save a stinkin’ pen you can’t use!  I can see little girls borrowing him for their Barbie’s!  I would have!
All in all, I think they are adorable and a great value!  You’d surely pay more for the same goods at pet stores or the mall!  Oh, and one more thing I loved!  On the back of Jasper’s carrier, is his story!  It made me smile!

Love Your Breed ReviewSince there were no great dane things, I thought I would put a pic of my ‘gentle’ giant with the post!  Lookin’ like she is a person!  LOL.  If ya look real close, you’ll see one of my chihuahuas hidden in the blanket beside her!  LOL.  Please excuse the box, moving!

So, I hope by now you are on the edge of your seats waiting to order yours!  Obviously, you’ve begun checking out their site, right???


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