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Paracord: 15 Lessons These Bracelets Can Help Teach

Sometimes it seems impossible to find things for teens, especially things that will help them learn but not be ‘lame’.  These paracord bracelets are perfect as a teaching aide for teens!

15 Lessons Paracord Can Help Teach

I love that Let the Little Children Come has so many great teaching aides for children, many of us know just how challenging it can be to keep the attention of kids and to get lessons to soak into their little sponge brains!  These paracord bracelets are perfect for that purpose!  This year, they also happen to be stocking stuffers to some great kids that love hunting and survival as well!

15 Lessons Paracord Bracelets Can Help Teach

  1. Survival: We couldn’t survive without Christ. Imagine how life would be if we just had all the evil of the world constantly bombarding us?
  2. Shelter: Paracord can be used to make a shelter in the woods, the shelter God has given us and promised to provide is a great lesson to tie (no pun intended) into it!
  3. Clothes Line: While a clothes line can dry our clothes, Jesus blood made our sins white as snow, should we choose to accept Him!
  4. Traps: Paracord can be used to make traps to catch food. Jesus promised He would provide for us.
  5. Games: Paracord can be used to create many games, one could utilize this lesson to discuss how God brings us true joy, much like the laughter we enjoy during games and fun!
  6. Strength: Paracord will be referred to as Paracord 550 (etc), which means it can withstand 550 pounds! While we may not be super strong, God is our strength when we are weak, and He is the strongest of anything and anyone!
  7. Replace Shoe Laces: while broken shoe laces may hinder us from securing our shoes or cause us to trip, God will always be there to catch us and guide our steps safely if we choose Him.
  8. Sewing thread: Paracord can be taken apart and the inner string used as thread in a tight spot. God wants to come in and take our brokenness apart to heal us and make us better.
  9. Fishing Line: That one is easy, given the parable of fishing, but one could also tie in how God provides our needs. Also see #4
  10. Fishing net: see #9 and #4
  11. Carrying packs/items: Just like paracord can be used to carry many different and heavy things, God will take our load if we allow Him to do so and willingly give Him our troubles, worries, and sadness.
  12. Make a Splint: Paracord can be used to make splints in an emergency situation; but in any situation God will heal our pain and brokenness.
  13. Bracelets! This one will resonate with girls!  Paracord comes in many colors and can be made in many ways to be an awesome fashion accessory that is actually useful!  God cares not about what color we are, He wants to be the most shining part of our lives and is there for us at all times!
  14. Belts: just like they hold our clothes on our waist, God holds our hearts in His loving hand. Only He always has us!
  15. Zipper Pulls: just like they can be used to easily grasp and zip things, God helps us by holding on to us, pulling us up and opening our pain so that He can heal it!

Needless to say, there are many uses for paracord.  Of course, there are vastly more ways God keeps us, loves us, and does so many things in our lives.  When we let Him.  This Paracord Salvation Bracelet can be used to teach so many lessons!  Challenge the youth to come up with new ideas on how paracord could be used (good ways only) and how God does those things in our lives.

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I would love to hear any other ideas you come up with  to share the Word with paracord!

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