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Squashed! Get Ready For Real Family Fun!

Ready to Get Squashed?!? Taking time out of everyday routine to focus on what is important gives a family the chance to really be with one another.

Squashed! Family Game Night Fun & Ideas!

Sure, we see each other throughout the typical day, but family night gives us the chance to catch up, slow down, laugh, and truly see each other. No rushing around before or after this thing or that, just a full night of finger foods and games.

Our family plays a lot of board games. We have a family fun night each month, no phones, computers, televisions, nothing but each other and a game of choice.

Board games are the first pick in our home, which is great…until you get tired of it. Card games are ok, until 

your three-year-old takes off with some of the cards and loses them in the pit of despair.

Squashed! Family Game Night!


A family friend of mine introduced us to the wonderful world of Squashed! made by PlaSmart Toys and then I got to do this fantastic review!  Yay me!


Squashed is made for kids age six and up, and we just love to play it. My middle child is only five, but he understood the concept after watching us play.

The game is easy enough to understand and is great for building strategy skills in kids. The goal is simple, squash your opponents and beat the King. It is a light plastic cube which is great because you can put the pieces inside it when it’s not being played.

I love this game! The kids love this game! And the best part is the memories we make playing it.  Squashed is definitely one you’ll want to play over and over!

Game Night Snacks

Looking for ways to amp up your family night? Give these food ideas a try!

“Mini Me Pizza”

Use English muffins as the crust for your individual pizzas. Add on any type of pizza sauce, cheese and topping your little heart desires. My kids love this, it allows them to be as creative as they wish, and lets them “cook” for themselves. Pop them into the oven long enough to melt the cheese and cook what ever toppings are added on. simple, quick, and so much fun.

My eldest used shredded chicken and bacon bits on her “Mini Me Pizza”, and I have to say, it was very tasty!

“Corny Dogs”

This fun food gets a lot of laughs in our house. It’s basically pigs in a blanket, but we let the kids draw on faces using condiments and toothpicks.

During Halloween, my son made a zombie dog using relish and ketchup.

“Popping Sweet Tooth”

Pop up some plain pop corn and let your family dress up their helpings with flavor toppers, caramel, M&M’s, or whatever you prefer.

You can get all kinds of popcorn flavor powders at the local Wal-Mart.

This one is a family favorite in our home, because the kids love to compete over who’s popcorn is the sweetest.

More Family Fun

We like to start off family fun night with making our own treats. We pile up in the kitchen, pull out some cooking gear and get started.

One night, we spent all of family fun night in the kitchen! We decided to have a mini cupcake baking challenge! Boys vs. Girls! Baking from scratch really is the best.

Not only does it open new avenues to creative cooking, but it also throws math and science into the mixture. The kids are learning, as well as the husband, and they do not even realize it!

A family that plays together, laughs together, learns together, is one that stays together.

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