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Acrylic Animals: Learn to Paint Today! @QuartoKnows

Acrylic Animals is a book that makes painting easy. Don’t believe me, check this book out! Seriously, you must! Enter to win too!

Acrylic Animals: Learn to Paint Today! @QuartoKnows

Painting Granny

My Granny can paint, very very well! She has sold them for almost my entire life! Long ago, she painted on canvas then went to crafts. My Pa-Pa would cut out whatever she needed and she’d paint it! She also painted on various other things as well!

In my bathroom I have a small tin bucket painted with 2 cute raccoon and an old lid that has geese painted on it. I love them and they remind me that I can do it too, it’s in my blood! That being said, I’ve never been a painter. I always thought it was too difficult.

Learn to Paint

When I saw this book, I was immediately impressed by how easy it makes things seem. Of course, that’s what QuartoKnows does, they make seemingly difficult things easy. I’ve learned Modern Embroidery from their books, calligraphy (found here and here), and so much more! If anyone can teach you how to do something difficult, it’s them!

Acrylic Animals

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Acrylic Animals

Megan Wells, the author, is an artist, a teacher and author. In Acrylic Animals she walks you through what you need, painting techniques, color theory and provides 12 different step-by-step painting projects! She makes it so easy that I truly believe almost anyone can do it! Yes, even you!

Whether you are a crafty person or are just beginning your painting journey, Acrylic Animals can help you learn to paint! With their awesome photos and well written step-by-step instructions, you can learn to paint in a matter of hours! Once you learn the techniques, you can improve on your newly acquired skills using your own creations based on what you’ve learned in this book!

Acrylic Animals is part of a series of books that let your imagination run wild! You’ll take the basic portrait of your favorite animal and turn it into a colorful masterpiece of your own design! You can even learn how to paint your own pet using the directions Megan Wells teaches! The possibilities are endless and the techniques can be used beyond animals to whatever you’d like to paint!

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