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Family Game Night: Now Accepting Ideas… Please!?!

Family time is a very important time.  I can honestly say I am not a fan of board games but my daughter and husband love them.  So, from time to time I suck it up and we play. Of course, it always turns out great and game night is just what we need as a family! This evening, we chose Monopoly.

Family Game Night: Now Accepting Ideas... Please!?!

Let me start this by saying: from my husbands point of view, Monopoly is meant to be a series of business deals, shady or not.  One person suggested to us that we play Monopoly because it was a game of chance and we vehemently disagreed on that one.  There is a strategy to it.  It is meant to be fun, yes.  It is also, in my husband’s opinion, meant to teach us about business deals.

Family Game Night: Now Accepting Ideas... Please!?!

Now, for any successful game night junk food is a must!  I know, healthy eating and all that.  Honestly, we typically DO eat healthy.  However, eating a meal of fried foods once in a blue moon isn’t going to kill anyone!  So, this particular night we had tator tots, fried mushrooms, fried green beans, homemade tortilla chips, cream cheese jalapenos, and sloppy joes.  The wanted them, I made them, no idea why.  You can find that recipe here.

Family Game Night: Now Accepting Ideas... Please!?!

Anyway, the point of this post was to ask you what you and your family do together?  I had noticed this particular week that we did the same thing….  Repeatedly….  Game night shook it up some.  It was great.  We had some laughs and junk food and the next day no one died of a heart attack.  Life is good!

I would also love to hear some easy food ideas! It’s no fun cooking all day before our games begin!

What’s your favorite around the house family activity????

Seriously, we need more ideas!!!


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