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Choose happiness in your marriage.

Choose Happiness In Your #MarriageChoose Happiness In Your Marriage

To choose happiness in your marriage, one must work at it.  Sharing a few thoughts that have been on my mind.  Hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Never Been In Love

I have been pondering. Recently someone dear to me told me that they have never really been in love. It struck me as odd.

First this person is loyal to their relationships, has been married, has children the whole deal. Yet feels as though they’ve never been in love. Not to say they don’t love. They have not experienced a real grab a hold of you, irrational kind of love.

I have seen those who claim they love the one they are with and I have actually laughed and told then they were not.

I’m Nice, Really!

Now first, let me just say I am not a mean, unkind person, the opposite really. But I know love when I see it.

I have a friend who has loved only one man her whole life and  married to another. Yet her husband was the one that could call her back any time, not the man she loved.

I see lots of people in my life that I know are not in love with the ones they are with.

What is my point you ask?

Well, after 17 years with my husband, I can tell you if we weren’t truly madly head-over-heels, to begin with, we never would have made it this far.

The ups and downs of being a partner are massive. You must love that person who drives you insane. Who makes you crazy.

You must choose happiness.

Deep Connections

If there’s not a deep-rooted connection that goes beyond anything you have with anyone else then tell me, how can you begin to be happy?

Even with the ups and downs of my marriage, I cannot understand; Why would you waste time being unhappy or just numb, stagnant?
Life is so short guys. It’s fleeting and precious.

It’s okay to strive for that happiness that joy. We need it.
Seek out your joy and hold on to it tight.  Whatever you do, choose happiness.  It truly is a choice and makes a world of difference.

Written By Crystal Sellers
Wife, Mother, Author

How Do You Choose Happiness?

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