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Progressive Slots Jackpots That Have Gone Down in History

Progressive Slots Jackpots That Have Gone Down in History can be quite fascinating for all of us at times! Can’t imagine I’d ever be a winner, especially since I don’t play, but it’s still interesting!

Progressive Slots Jackpots That Have Gone Down in History
Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay

Progressive Slots Jackpots That Have Gone Down in History

Slots may not be considered the most glamorous of casino games, but nothing beats the fact that they are the most popular casino games. Not to mention, slots are known to reward some of the biggest wins out of all games of chance. The low risk, simplicity of these games makes it easy for players to get lost in the gameplay and play for a good couple of hours. The ratio of low risk, the high potential reward is too good to pass up.

After the invention of the progressive jackpot, it became a whole new ballgame as the possible winnings are beyond comprehension. And to think it could be you, one spin could get you millions! This has happened to a lucky few and their names will always be known as lucky. Why not try your luck and play some when you click this now.

Progressive Slots Jackpots That Have Gone Down in History

Vegas Winnings

The largest slots that have been won are from land-based casinos which are surprising due to the growing popularity of online casinos. The Megabucks machines in Las Vegas have rewarded the biggest known jackpots. These machines are state operated with more than 700 scattered around the state of Nevada. The progressive slot that connects all of these machines is over $10 million. The last jackpot to be won was $11.8 million.

A retired flight attendant hit it big in 1998 when the jackpot was over $20 million. They probably don’t regret mistakenly placing a higher bet than intended ($300) in Palace Station. He won $27.5 million that day.

The biggest slot win recorded was won by a player in Los Angeles. After placing a bet of $100 on the Megabucks slot at Excalibur in 2003 he won the biggest win ever, to this day, $39.7 million. So big in fact that he had to get paid in instalments of $1.5 million each year for more than 25 years. Now that’s an annual income you can be proud of!

Progressive Slots Jackpots That Have Gone Down in History
Image by Adam Lane from Pixabay

Online Progressive Jackpots

Online casinos have caused the entire casino industry to boon over the past decade as profits are through the roof. The convenience of gambling in the comfort of your own home has beaten the idea of having to drive to a casino to play a game of chance.

The record for the biggest online slot is £13.2 million from the Mega Moolah jackpot. This incredible win was received by a man named Jon Heywood in Britain in 2015.

Another big online win was by an anonymous Australian player that credited a massive 10.4 million Australian dollars. This incredible win was from the popular Dark Knight online slot.

Since January 2017, there have been 12 players that have been turned into millionaires by playing on slots. PokerStars Casino has recently introduced a couple of slots that feature progressive pots, the smallest being more than $1 million. The 12 winners so far have made an accumulative $23.6 million! The most recent being an online player that took home $3 million on the game Millionaires Island.

The hype about progressive slots comes from the fact that they don’t stop growing until they are won. The pot grows each time a player places a bet, a percentage of this bet is placed in the pot with each spin. If this pot is won, then it gets reset to its original amount and steadily increases once again.


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