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Crayola Color SpinOut Creating a Picture Perfect Memory

Crayola Color SpinOut

Art is the best way for children to express themselves, opening new venues to their creativity and imagination the Color Spin Out from Crayola is a fun way for children to explore art! The spin out set comes with markers, 40 paper discs, and drawing arms that let you use up to three colors at a time!

The kids get to control the speed the markers and discs and the angles of the drawing arms to create as many master pieces as their little hearts can dream up! It is designed for kids ages six and older but really younger children could play with it too with adult or older sibling assistance!

Create masterful designs then remove the colored disc to go further detail and color the masterpiece by hand! Add stickers, glitter, Crayola colors even water paint and the fun could be unstoppable!! Great Christmas or anytime gift for the kids and even for those adults who still enjoy their coloring time too (lol)!

Let your child’s imagination spin out of control with the Crayola Color SpinOut!  Find It Here!

For all you parents and caretakers out there, you are going to love how long the entertainment lasts!  We had so much fun testing it out, it was hard to hand over to the kids!  LOL.

Crayola Color Spinout Tip:

We did learn that when you are done spinning, you have to remove the marker!  Otherwise, you’ll have a huge ink dot.  Kind of looked cool, but it still messed up the design!  I am super excited to make and use some of the designs in my scrapbooking too!

Crayola Color SpinOut Creating a Picture Perfect Memory

Making Memories with Your Children

Children grow so quickly, blink and you will miss some huge milestone, so spend some of your busy life with your child while you can. Art is super fun for kids, and lets just face it there are adult coloring books on the market now so we all can just accept that we never grow out of it.(lo)  here are some super fun art projects you and your children can do together that will create a lifetime memory and could even become a tradition. Enjoy!

#1 Splat!

On a nice day, fill some water balloons with water color paint! Use as many colors as you like then hang a large canvas or even butcher paper up against the wall of your house and let the fun begin! Throw the balloons at the canvas and watch as your masterpiece evolves! Tons of laughter and excitement to be expected!

*side note: you can also turn this one into a fun water balloon fight with white t shirts!

#2 Melt My Heart!

Show them you love them with this one! Paint the center of any size canvas any color you wish it to be. Then cut out a heart shape out of wax paper (it comes off easier than other products). Place tape rolled up to be double sided to press the heart onto the painted center of the canvas. Make sure the heart is pressed as good as it can get. Then put those broken crayons to good use by gluing them onto the top of the canvas with any color arrangement you and your babies see fit.

Using a hair dryer on high heat, melt the crayons down the canvas by holding the dryer above the top of the canvas. The melting crayon runs down the canvas and over the wax paper causing an awesome finished product that you will cherish forever! (Also a great grandparents day or holiday gift) J

#3 Family Tree!

Let love grow! Get a stick form outside that has plenty of branches on it and paint it whatever color you choose. Then using a hot glue gun, glue the stick onto a canvas (we used an old picture frame and backing so we could decorate the frame as well) once you have the stick in

place let the kiddos pain with water paints the sky and background they deem worthy!

Once that is done get some acrylic paint and have each family use their thumb to place a “leaf” on the branch. After it is dry you can put their names or initials on the leaf. We loved doing this one because it got all of us into it and looked great on our family wall!

Free Resources for Teachers! Thanks to Crayola!Free Resources for Teachers, Home School Moms & More!

For all of my home school pals and teacher friends, be sure and check out Crayola For Educators!  They have so many resources! Free lesson plans, professional development for educators, help finding grants and so much more!

Be sure and check out the Parents Corner for more fantastic products, crafts, gifts and so much more! We have a ton of other free resources around here!


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