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5 Ways to Sneak in Moments for Health & Happiness Sponsored by #NeoCell

Life is busy and taking care of myself almost always takes a backseat to everything else. Children, work, husband, house, pets, you name it, it probably will get taken care of before I remember that I haven’t eaten or exercised or taken a long, enjoyable shower as opposed to the ‘I’ve got ten minutes’ shower.  Even trying to write this post, I stopped a minute to go and dust without realizing it.  It wasn’t until I was dusting picture number 4 that it hit me I was supposed to be taking care of this article.  Perhaps I have a wee bit of an attention issue.  There’s just so much that I need to get done and only one of me, so I’m constantly going and seemingly my list grows and grows to the point of frustration, so I gave up on those.  The only thing I know for sure, is SOMETHING has got to give.  I have to find more ways of taking care of myself throughout the day aside from getting my teeth brushed and coffee made.

biotin-burstsNeoCell is part of how I’m adding to my self-care.  They have a great selection of vitamins, my favorites being helpful to my hair and nails (Lord knows I need something in that area!).  They’ve also got some that are made into chocolate, which has become one of my daily treats!  I was hesitant as they are chocolate and acai berry (which I am not a fan of the latter), but they taste wonderful.  As part of my new little moment to myself, I take one NeoCell Biotin Burst and just close my eyes, breathing in the air and indulging in the chocolate!  Biotin is a B vitamin that supports hair and skin health, they chews also support metabolism of proteins in the body to promote natural energy!  AND it’s in chocolate.  Win. Win. Win!  They have so many great vitamins but those are my favorite!  (Can’t imagine why!)


Get some vitamins! Obviously, I highly recommend the chocolate ones, but some total body is essential too and NeoCell has a great lineup of them! It only takes a minute to take them as part of your routine but the benefits last much longer!

Give yourself a timeout. Take 5-10 minutes each day to just be.  No phone, no kids, no work.  Just YOU.  Having this little bit of time will go a long way to aide in your mental health and happiness.

When you have a thought that gives you a little joy, write it down. This will help you learn to notice positives more often, ultimately leading to an increase in happy thoughts.

Turn your music on! Whatever chore you must complete or task you must do, find some music to play in the background that gets you moving and lifts spirits!  I suggest some Latin beats or Hindi music, both make you want to bob your head and move your hips, giving you a little bit of extra pep in whatever you are doing!

Go for a quick walk.  Don’t have time?  Park further away from the entrance and take that time walking in as an extra bit to breathe, train yourself to slow down and enjoy every piece of your day.

Originally posted 2016-11-28 13:20:21.

5 Ways to Change Your Day with Music!

Music can change the way one feels, thinks, acts and feels! There are so many songs that inspire so much within me, whether it be good or bad, it can change my mindset and my motivation.

5 Ways to Change Your Day with Music (1)

Music is everywhere, even in the pleasant sounds of nature.  I could sit for hours just listening to the birds sing to each other as the insects make their calls out!  I use to think it was so funny that people would actually pay for albums that played nature sounds but now that I live in town and don’t get down to the creek like I once did, I can totally see why it’s worth it.  I attempted to just record the sound of the flowing river, but my poor phone was not up to capturing the amazing sound of the water flowing gently down the way.

I also have to point out that when my husband sings to me, I melt like a little fan girl.  No matter how I’m feeling right before he starts, my resolve dissipates and I’m lost in his beautiful voice, deep, soulful eyes and I fall right into his arms.   I have tried to fight it, I failed.  Does your significant other melt your heart like that?

Five Ways to Change Your Day with Music

  1. Set your phone or alarm clock to wake you up to an upbeat mix of your favorite jams from way back in the day.  The nostalgia mixed with the awesome beats will wake you up feeling refreshed, youthful and happy!  Much better than the buzzer!
  2. Take a break from everything for the duration of one song with no words, sit somewhere quiet (you may have to hide) and close your eyes for the duration.  When the song is done, you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed!
  3. If your spouse works, quei up some type of music that uplifts him/her!  My husband coming home to jazz playing lightly throughout the house can do so much to start the de-stressing of the work day and transition his mind to a better place!
  4. Bedtime playlist: if you have children having a play list that starts a certain amount of time before bed will teach train them to know that it’s time to start winding down, eventually simply hearing that first song will get them to start getting themselves ready!  How great is that!
  5. No kids?  No worries, Make a playlist for you, turn off the distractions and spend that time pampering yourself!  It will pay off, I promise!

Be sure and check out the Film and Television composer John Jesensky, AKA John Ross Jesensky, on your search for new music!  I always love listening to new music and you may even find your next new favorite!  I’d love to hear what you have found that you love!  I’m always open to new music!