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Stress Out of Control? Guaranteed Ways to Lower + Giveaway!

Stress out of control? That seems to be normal, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how I lowered my stress so you can too. Plus, a giveaway hop!

April is Stress Awareness Month

Anybody else experience way too much stress? No, just me? Good.

Ha. If only.

It seems like the more conveniences we have, the more stressed we are. Remember the days when the television stations shut down in the wee hours of the morning, family was the priority and it didn’t all center around the right now mentality?

As many of you know, my journey to be healthier has been going for a while. I finally feel like I’ve figured it out. I am not completely stress free, my life isn’t the way I want it but I am happy. When I’m standing in line for a long time, I no longer get annoyed or angry. When I’m cut off, it’s a moment of strong annoyance then gone again. I’ve changed. By no means am I completely better, I have miles to go. My life needs so much work, but it didn’t get this way in a day and it definitely won’t be better in a day, right?

Why did I use ‘guarantee’ in the title?

The reason I felt secure in using such a strong word is because it worked for me. I live with generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, depression and a ton of trauma that held me down. I’ve written about my depression and finding my joy, but I haven’t always stuck to and lived the joy.

Nothing has really changed in my life, the circumstances are the same, I still have the same issues, BUT I am different. I am no longer stressed out, angry, depressed, dwelling on things obsessively.

The steps below, along with Al-Anon and an amazing support network that is literally worldwide, has helped me become stress free. The stressors still exist, but I am no longer stressed.

I’m happier, more confident, I’m working through my issues and the future looks bright! I don’t know what it holds, but I’m excited to find out! It wasn’t long ago that the unknown scared the daylights out of me!

Ways to Lower Your Stress

1. Understand that it is absolutely okay to say no to things. You don’t have to explain or justify the ‘no’ to anyone, including yourself. Sometimes stress comes because we overload ourselves. Saying no helps with the load, that way you can have less stress and put your efforts

2. Learn to let your inner voice be your friend again. Instead of letting yourself say negative things, speak to yourself the way you’d speak to a friend. A great question that someone presented to me for that is: ‘Whose voice told you you were {insert self doubt criticism here}?” Let’s face it, we didn’t start out telling ourselves that we were less than!

3. Help! Accept it when it is offered and ask for it when you need it. That doesn’t make you less than, that makes you resourceful! (Another gem from a dear friend!)

4. Whatever happens, as long as you did your best (and know that you did all that could be done, otherwise you’d have done more!). Since you did your best, it went well! If it didn’t go the way you want, it’s okay because you still succeeded! You can only fail if you don’t try! As long as you are learning and growing, then you are good!

5.This one is super important and difficult for all of us. Ready? Do something that is purely for yourself! It doesn’t have to be big or extravagant, it can be anything. Even taking a shower just a little longer than usual or painting your nails. Just do something that is only for you, each and every day! Trust me, it makes a huge difference with the stress levels!

6. Start working on your physical health as well. Exercise however you can, drink more water and, if needed, add some vitamins to your diet. Feeling better physically will help your stress as well.

7. Give yourself grace. Nothing happens in an instant to make things better, Stress didn’t start this morning and it won’t stop this afternoon. It takes time. Take time to appreciate the little things that you do to feel better.

Stress Out of Control? Guaranteed Ways to Lower + Giveaway!

This post is sponsored (but not influenced) by Superior Source Vitamins. They have graciously offered to give one lucky winner a set of their fantastic vitamins. These vitamins are different than any others I’ve ever tried.

They easily dissolve on your tongue and you don’t even have to have water. That means the vitamins are more easily absorbed into your body! Isn’t that fantastic? Take steps to be a healthier you every day and eventually you will see the stress melting away as well!

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Hi all! My name is Kaycee. I am now learning to navigate life as a single woman. Turns out, it's not all about husband and children. Who knew? So, I'm on a journey of self discovery. I have 5 children, 3 of which are married, 5 2 are in Heaven (my beautiful baby Acadia Reign and my Diva Princess Tara Elizabeth), and 7 grandchildren! Plus, a ton of fabulous nieces and nephews! My educational background is in Psychology and Child Development but my heart is in ministry, crafts, fun, reviews and my website, My Crafty Zoo. Or at least it was, now I'm learning who I really am, beneath all of the busy family life. It's an adventure to be sure. I look forward to continuing to share my life through word and pictures with you and love hearing your feedback! Thank you for taking the time to read and allowing me to share! I look forward to reading your comments!

20 thoughts on “Stress Out of Control? Guaranteed Ways to Lower + Giveaway!

  • I workout everyday, which is the best stress reliever. I do need to learn to say no to things. That would be a big help.

  • Michelle F.

    I’ve been trying to supplements lately to help with stress and anxiety. I’m definitely going to start working out more, which should help as well.

  • I’m trying to get back to exercising again but it’s taking a while. I’m surprised that being friends with my inner voice would lower stress.

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    As a single mom and teacher, my stress levels can be extraordinarily high..lol.. so, to ensure that I stay fit and healthy for my family I often find myself a quiet place to be still & simply BREATHE and be CALM. When that does not work, I’ll ask my Mom or siblings for HELP!

  • Working on stress has been an ongoing thing for me for a long time now. I have cut out negative influences in my life. Getting a lot more exercise which insulates me better from stress. Thanks.

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  • Carolyn D

    I definitely need to reduce my stress. I think it is a good idea to not dwell on things that you cannot control or change. You just have to do the best you can and accept the outcome of things you have little control over. I definitely like the idea of asking for help when you need it.

  • Dearest Kaycee..thank you so much for the tips and you are right, we all are experiencing stress at one point in our lives. We have to find the best way to control it. All the best for the GA and cheers from Wellington. Thanks for sharing it with #OMHGWW

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  • Sandra Watts

    I am pretty good lately about keeping my stress to a minimum lately. I just don’t need it.

  • LisaBabs

    Happy Stress Awareness Month Everyone! I had no idea April was Stress Awareness Month but I’m so glad it is getting the attention it deserves. I am going to take step 2 to heart. I’m going to “Learn to let your inner voice be your friend again” and talk to myself how I would a best friend.

  • Chris L

    I need to lower stress. I take CBD products now.

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  • Yes I am going to try them and I’m plan on starting by walking more and drinking lots of water. I’ve been trying to start telling people no but it’s a little hard to do.

  • I really need to deal with the stress in my life by moving to a new home. I enjoyed reading this post and what really stood out to me is trauma I have had a lot of that in my life.

  • monique s

    I am trying to lower stress levels. I am doing some breathing exercises, doing more walking and trying yoga

  • I need to start exercising more and get more sleep,. CBD is helpful too.


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