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Simple DIY Room Transformations

We are in the process of adding a room onto our house and it got me on a decorating journey.  The room is for my husband, so I get no say but I’m play decorating anyway.  Haha.  It through that journey that I was inspired to share some stuff I came across with you!

Simple DIY Ways to Completely Transform Any Room

I love DIY and decorating, I have a great time coming up with projects and enjoy the hard work that they take.  More so, I enjoy the finished products of my labor.  I’ve been itching to do some work to our house lately so I’ve gathered some of my favorite ideas to share with you.

While not every project I have done has been great, they have been fun and I’ve enjoyed the processes. For example, the glitter floor was a TOTAL fail but it was fun doing it and it completely changed the look of our hallway!  The bathroom countertop I re-did in our bathroom did turnout really well, so I’m working under good odds!

Though it isn’t quite time for me to start my own project, I’m gathering ideas and making plans!  I hope you enjoy this and would love to hear some of your projects, whether completed or in the dream phase!

Simple DIY Room Transformations

Fresh Paint

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning.  A new coat of paint freshens up and can totally transform a room!  Some people tend to shy away from change, but a new color may be just what a room needs to be completely renewed!

Don’t feel like painting?  The picture posted is stick on paint!  Takes the really hard work away!  I’m crazy over this one!

Ceiling Tiles

Faux ceiling tiles can seriously take a room to the next level without costing an arm and leg!  We have one that is absolutely gorgeous, unfortunately we do not have enough to tile our ceiling.  If it’s a look you love, go for it!

Wall Panels

We all remember wood paneling right?  I have a love hate relationship with those things.  I don’t think I’d want to have them, but I love the houses I see them in.  I know, I’m a mess.  Today’s wall panels are very different and there is a huge variety.  I love so many of them, especially the different colors and textures!  Oddly, I kind of want brick wall panels to put inside my brick house.  Haha

Fake Plants

My house doesn’t have the lighting or space that would allow me to grow those gorgeous trees indoors and I don’t trust my ability to keep plants alive enough to buy an expensive potted tree for my porch.  I do, however, totally trust my ability to pay for and keep a faux tree for decoration!  This is on my list to buy next time hubby releases the pocket books!  Ha.  Who am I kidding?  I’ll be getting one when I find the one that I feel is perfect for the look I want.  LOL


Since we are adding onto our house, a window got completely covered.  Rather than adding wall back over it, we opted to add a shelf in the window hole.  I love the way it looks, it’s certainly better than having additional wall space!  Of course, now I have to figure out what to put on the shelves, but I have no doubt that I will do so!

If you don’t have a window hole to fill, adding shelves to a room can not only be functional, it can also completely change the feel of a room!  I especially love the floating shelves!  I’d love to add some in my living room, but that’s for another day.


When we bought our home, the bathroom countertop was that lovely old plastic countertop.  I re-did it with Giani Countertop Kit.  It was crazy easy and not that labor intensive!  I highly recommend it, for less than a hundred bucks you can totally change a room!

 I love that there are so many ways we can completely revamp a room! I’m looking forward to hubby’s project being behind us so that I can start one of my own!

Dollar Tree Patriotic Wreath

Dollar Tree Patriotic Wreath is super quick and easy to make.  In just a few minutes with less than $5 I had this adorable wreath to brighten my front door!

Dollar Tree Patriotic Wreath DIY


Check out the hodge podge of patriotic decor they had at Dollar Tree. I’m not gonna lie, I love Dollar Tree!  Especially when I’m feeling crafty and want something new to make.

I was checking them out and thought about all of the Dollar Tree Patriotic Wreath DIYfabulous dollar store crafts I see on Pinterest and other blogs and thought I would try one out.  This one cost less than five bucks and took about ten minutes.  I love how it looks against the hunter green of our house!

I’m gonna start by saying that I had the styrofoam wreath so I suppose I cheated a bit but everything else was from there.  However, they do have the wreath base so if you don’t have one already, they have you covered! Keep Reading!

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Red Glitter Floor


As part of our remodel, we decided to do the hallway floor in red glitter.  We wanted to have a red carpet look, as we decorate the hall with music posters.  It came out more like Dorothy’s red glitter shoes.  Pretty, but not very manageable…  We’ll discuss that later…  First, here is the how to!

Step 1
Completely, and I mean completely, clean the concrete floor of anything that may be on it.  You want the concrete to be spotless and dry.  Lots of sweeping.  Be prepared.  😀


 Step 2
Using a garage floor coating kit, go around the edges first.  After you do the edges, you can go back and do the middle.  Make sure you do a thick coat.
 Waiting and advertising for the glitter company: My Monkey


 Step 3
Throw the glitter up in the air, allowing it to land as it may.  Don’t spread it like chicken feed, it needs to spread out.  It will clump if you aren’t careful.
 Here is a close up of the finished product.  Be patient, you’ll get there!
 Step 4
Wait for the glitter to dry.  Give it at least 24 hours.  Sweep off the excess glitter.  There will be a LOT..
Step 5
 Go over the glitter with poly.  It will need lots of thick coats.  Each coat needs a minimum of 4-6 hours to dry before the next coat.


The Finished Product:
 The finished product is very pretty, unfortunately after 5 coats of poly it is still rough.  It feels like sandpaper.  I have no idea how to fix it, or how to clean it.  We can sweep it but that doesn’t do much good.  Especially since Chief Zoo Keeper decided he’d try to use a regular mop on it and the floor tore the mop to shreds!  Another warning you may like to heed, if you have a crack in your cement, it WILL show through the glitter…
So, if anyone of you have tried this or decide to do it and have some sort of tip I’ve missed, please let me know!  Until then, I shall enjoy my pretty yet rough floor!  I’m also working on figuring out how to clean it…..

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Super Simple Boy’s Room Decor Craft Inspirations

Hey guys!  So, being an Okie, we love our Sooners!  Funny, I love them and care nothing for sports!  LOL.  Anyway, my dear friends have a son that just loves them so I decided to make him some room decor.  I haven’t gotten to see him, but I hear he loved them!  I thought I would share the decor with ya!I used my Cricut to make the ones above, then took a sharpie and outlined them.  I cut them at 6 inches.The great thing about so many team mascots is just how basic they are.  It would have been just as easy to do just about any team, simply by making accents.  Here are some decor ideas that you might want to try.

  • Make Paper footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, etc.
  • Collegiate letters, in team colors of course!  If you can’t get the logo to look good, use them to spell out a name
  • Pendant flags are super easy, then simply use team colors and put Go —–!!!  Super easy and fast!
  • If you have any worn out ball caps, old jerseys, tees, etc can easily be modified to be a 3D art wall hanging!
  • Order information from the universities and use the logos that are in those to make collages, etc or print them off.  This is also a really great way to inspire your Monkey to go to college!
  • If it’s a sport rather than a certain team you love, life gets way easier!  Simply use anything you can get your hands on for that sport, clean it up and make something! Yard sales are a great place to find these!
  • Baseballs, basketballs, any sports stuff can be used to line a border or shelf to bring the sports indoors!

 Hope this gave you some ideas!  I’d love to hear what your inspiration brings you!

What’s your favorite mascot or DIY sports decor idea!?!

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Teen Room Decor: Magnet Strip

Hey Everyone!  I made this for Monkey for Christmas and thought I would share it with ya!  It was quick and easy and she really likes it!  😀  Also, for those of you turning green–> all re-purposed!  😀

I had taken apart two boards that were bound by this strip of metal.  A lovely gentleman helped me get all of the tacks out!  Anyway, I sort of somewhat flattened it out and covered it with some material I had laying around.  I used hot glue to secure the material and add on a bit of ribbon to hang it!  It’s pretty sturdy, I was honestly a bit surprised!  She uses it to put her favorite comics on right now, but I’m sure that will change!  😀

This could be made a bit sporty for a boys room as well!  I made the magnets out of some magnet rounds from some store or another!  They have to be heavier magnets than, say, advertising magnets!  They are embellished with some scrapbook tabs!  😀

Anyway, I hope you like!  Any suggestions about where to find  more around house metal items to re-purpose?  You could always flatten out cans, that would make an interesting piece of decor!  

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Girls Room Decor

I cut some images using my Cricut to help decorate my room. Thought I would post them for ya! The images were cut at 4 inches and we used glue dots to adhere them. You could also use sticky tack. The letters are wooden from Hobby Lobby and painted purple. Hope you enjoy!

Enjoy the Zoo!!! Please don’t feed the animals!

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DIY Simple Elegant Name Frame Gift

I made this as a gift for my little sister.  I bought an inexpensive frame (probably $3) that was matted for two 4×6 photos and got rid of the mat.  I used the insert to measure the cut for the background paper.  The letters were cut at 4″ using the Plantin School Cartridge.  I used the Serenade cartridge to cut the vases at 3″.  My sister loves pink, but I know it won’t match her room, so I used the black to mat my cuts so that it would tie into her bedroom decor (teenagers!).  Hope ya like it!!!

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Re-Purposed Frame

So I found this frame on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $1.00 and could not turn the deal down!!!  Unfortunately, it says Prom Night so I had to make some changes.  I really loved the heart, so I decided to work around it.  I used the Cricut Plantin School Cartridge to cut the letters at 2″.  I glued with Quick drying self adhesive glue, and it worked really well.  Now, the pic is of a Christian band called Mosaic.  We saw them at a local church and bought the pic and CD for our daughter.  They were so sweet, they autographed her CD and spoke to us for a bit.  Great people, and we are praying that their mission to spread the word goes well. 

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