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Fall Getaway You Can’t Miss This Year

If you’ve never been to Silver Dollar City, you definitely should make the time to go.  This is the perfect time of year to make plans to go.  Don’t let the craziness of the holiday season stop you, it is worth the time, trust me!  Read all about some of the best times of the year at Silver Dollar City below!

NATIONAL CRAFTS & COWBOY FESTIVAL (September 13 - October 28)

For fall, Silver Dollar City presents the National Crafts & Cowboy Festival, featuring some of the nation’s finest craftsmen and authentic cowboys. The festival presents a Wild West Show with trick riders, ropers and a world-champion Native American Hoop dancer; Western music; a barn dance, and 125 visiting craftsmen. Best of Missouri Hands juried artists demonstrate their art and fall harvest foods are served up September 13 – October 28 at the Branson, Missouri theme park.

The Home of American Craftsmanship presents the nation’s largest festival of demonstrating craftsmen, with entertainment and activities saluting the Great American Cowboy:

Over 125 visiting craftsmen from around the country demonstrate their art, including Best of Missouri Hands juried artists, all joining Silver Dollar City’s 100 demonstrating craftsmen.

Silver Dollar City’s Wild West Show features trick riders, Native American dance with 8-time World Champion Native American Hoop Dancer Nakotah LaRance, comedy canines, and trick roper and bullwhip artist A.J. Silver.

Legendary Western actor and watercolor artist Buck Taylor hosts “Buck Taylor’s Cowboy Emporium,” featuring a variety of Western crafts.

Plus Chuck Wagon & Food Network Chef Kent Rollins and Extreme Mustangs are featured in the Red Gold courtyard.

A Western Barn Dance presents kick-up-your-heels fun, with a live band.

Western music with groups including The Malpass Brothers, The Home Rangers, Belinda Gail and Kristyn Harris, 2016 Western Music Association Entertainer of the Year.

NEW: The nation’s pioneer culinary heritage comes to life with campfire cooking and cowboy cuisine, including Cowboy Beef Stew and Dutch Oven Desserts.

This event draws approximately 300,000 visitors each year.2017 National Crafts & Cowboy Festival

Silver Dollar City began the fall crafts festival tradition in 1963, bringing in visiting craftsmen in addition to the park’s growing resident crafts colony, with the goal of showcasing the makers along with the finished artwork. More than half a century later, a unique feature still is that all visiting crafters, as with the park’s own, demonstrate their work so guests see the process, the skill and the creativity of true craftsmanship. This became the nation’s largest festival of demonstrating craftsmen. The focus on authentic craftsmanship was one of the reasons the U.S. Congress in 2010 proclaimed Silver Dollar City the “Home of American Craftsmanship.” In addition to craftsmen, Silver Dollar City added features with another American icon several years ago, the cowboy, to carry on the festival as The National Crafts & Cowboy Festival.

AN OLD TIME CHRISTMAS (November 4 - December 30)

AN OLD TIME CHRISTMAS (November 4 – December 30)

Our An Old Time Christmas festival, this year adding a huge new area: Christmas in Midtown, with towering light displays 9 stories high, animated figures in lights, and 1.5 million additional lights, bringing the park total to over 6.5 million lights! Christmas in Midtown is our largest single lighting expansion in the past 20 years of this festival.

One of the nation’s most acclaimed Christmas festivals, profiled by USA Today, CNN Travel, The Travel Channel and Good Morning America, is even bigger and brighter this year with an all-new area:

NEW: Christmas in Midtown, a 70,000 sq. ft. area filled with new light displays 9 stories high, including 30 angels, animated reindeer pulling a sleigh, 3 light tunnels, two 40-foot long moving trains, dozens of stars and snowflakes, and a 50-foot tree, all created at Silver Dollar City. Christmas in Midtown, the largest single lighting expansion to date in the past 2 decades of the festival, adds 1.5 million new lights, bringing the park’s total to 6.5 million lights!

Rudolph’s Holly Jolly Christmas Light Parade, led by the most famous reindeer of all, features musical lighted floats with 200,000 lights accompanied by 33 costumed characters.

Rudolph’s Christmas Town, where kids can meet Rudolph, Clarice and Bumble, also includes activities from Reindeer Games to cookie decorating.

Two original musical productions present Broadway-style experiences, with elaborate sets and talented casts: It’s a Wonderful Life, adapted from the Frank Capra classic, and the acclaimed production A Dickens’ Christmas Carol.

The Christmas on Main Street light & sound show features the 5-Story Special Effects Christmas Tree with over 350,000 colorful LED lights.

Tinker Junior’s Toy Shop is an interactive show for kids featuring a 12-foot talking and singing Christmas tree.

Kids can meet Santa in Santa Claus Lane, illuminated in colorful lights.

Plus, the festival presents holiday shows, a musical Living Nativity, shows, rides, shopping and new Silver Dollar City dining specialties.

AN OLD TIME CHRISTMAS (November 4 - December 30)

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Coupons for Good: 4 Ways to Decorate on a Budget This December

Coupons for Good: 4 Ways to Decorate on a Budget This December

Decorating for the holidays is a tradition many people look forward to all year long. The twinkling lights, brightly colored displays, and special pieces handed down through the generations are a signal that it’s time to reflect on the past year and spend time with the people you love most. However, holiday decorations can come with a hefty price tag. With so many other things to spend money on during the holidays, anything you can do to save money on decor helps. Here are four tips to help you get into the holiday spirit without breaking the bank.

Get Crafty

When you buy expensive holiday decorations, you’re partly paying for someone else’s creative labor. To keep costs down and have some fun, create your own festive touches at home. Give a plain, inexpensive ornament some sparkle with glitter and sequins from your local craft store such as Hobby Lobby. Pick up some construction paper at gift cards and have the kids create a one-of-a-kind wreath. Shopping at gift cards and other retailers you might not normally associate with the holidays is a great way to avoid seasonally inflated prices.

Make the Most of What You’ve Got

Before you run out and buy something new, take a look around and think about how you can re-purpose things you already have at home.  Having to buy more and more can quickly add up to a very hefty price tag! If you have a stash of buttons in case of a clothing repair, turn them into charming gift cards instead. Fill Mason jars with candles to light a snowy path to your door. You can even transform something as seemingly useless as an gift cards into an adorable smiling snowman.

Plan an Ornament Swap

You don’t have to buy something new. Now is the perfect time to gather friends and neighbors together for an ornament swap. It doesn’t have to be formal — just invite folks over for a potluck lunch and ask them to bring any ornaments they’d like to exchange. If hosting is one thing too many on your holiday prep list, suggest such a swap as an alternative to the traditional gift exchange at your office, school, or club.

Change Up Your Tree

For many, the Christmas tree is the cornerstone of holiday decor. However, trees also require a lot of time, money, and effort. If you’re willing to try something different, you can save a ton of money and start a new tradition with a fresh take on a tree.

Keep it simple by drawing a tree on a wall with a simple strand of lights. Give old wrapping paper new life by cutting it into shapes of leaves and branches to craft a colorful tree. (These are also great solutions if you have limited floor space.) For a show-stopping alternative, stack your book collection in a narrowing circular pattern to create a multidimensional book tree that will be the envy of the avid readers in your life.

These creative holiday decorating ideas do more than help you save money. They offer great ways to bring people together, start new traditions, and remind your friends and family of what the holiday season is really about.


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