Hanging Hearts Decor

Good  day all!  I wanted to show you some cute Valentine decor I made.  Actually, I made them for my daughter’s room but they work for both!  😀  They are super simple to make!  They take longer to dry than anything else!  I love that they add dimension and something a little different!  For a teenage girl, nothing ordinary ever works!  But, if you have one you know that!  

Here’s the How To:
1.  Cut out your hearts.  I used my Cricut, but if you don’t have one just make sure they are the same sizes.  You could use a stencil as well.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, they’ll cover each other a good bit.
2.  This part is optional, I do it because I don’t like to re-make things!  Take mod-podge, liquid laminate, or some other sealant and coat one side of the heart.  Make sure you coat the side that will be showing!  Let it dry…  ***Just play jeopardy music in your head while waiting!***
3.  Fold each heart in half so that the sides are equal. 
4.  Thoroughly, that’s our key word here, thoroughly glue two halves of the heart together.  Just do two at a time and let them thoroughly dry before going to step 5!
5.  Place whatever string you are using to hang it on the crease of the heart.  You can let the string end inside the heart or you can let it dangle.  I let mine dangle so that the weight would help the heart not fly all over the place.  I also thought about hanging a charm at the end to weight it, but I didn’t and it worked out fine!
6.  Glue the halves together to close in the string and form the heart.  Don’t worry about gluing the string, it won’t go anywhere with all the paper being glued!  
***Some Tips***
Remember to always do odd numbers!!!  3, 5, 7, 9  you get the drift!  You don’t want them to be perfectly even!  You could do any shape that is equal on both sides!  Don’t limit yourself to hearts!Get creative and use different colors!  You can hang with tacks, tape, etc.
 The View from below

Originally posted 2012-02-05 15:17:00.

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