Eco Friendly Ways to Save Cash Now

7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Your Cash

Eco Friendly Ways to Save Cash NowThere are so many ways to be more eco-friendly!  I’ve made a list of simple, easy, and cost effective ways for you to try out and I’d love to hear anymore that I may have missed!   I recently learned about Marty Stallone and his sustainable practices in Hollywood.  I think it’s fabulous that it’s making more mainstream news!  Knowledge is power!  Be sure to check out Marty J Stallone and find out what you can!  In the meantime, here are plenty to get you started reducing your resource use and saving money!

1.You can get a plug in set from Etekcity for pretty cheap so that your electronics are only pulling electricity when you want them to. The bonus: lower electricity bills and lower resource usage!  I also love that I have a remote that I can turn lights on and off from anywhere in my house!  In addition, set your computers to hibernate so that they aren’t constantly burning juice!  Glad for the reminder, (I just went in and took care of that!)

2. Switch your light bulbs to LED or compact fluorescent. With regular bulbs, they burn a ton of energy just through the heat the hold!  And of course, try to use natural light as much as possible!  Open up the curtains and let that sunlight in!  You’ll also get a little more Vitamin D!  Yay!

3. The three R’s: Reduce, re-use, re-cycle! When I was a kid, this stuff was crammed down our throats so hard I STILL remember those commercials!  You can reduce your waste buy buying in bulk, then using washable containers to break the amounts down to more usable portions.  So much of our waste can be eliminated with a little bit of extra effort!

4. Plastic bags from shopping can be re-used for trash or you can just utilize totes instead of using them at all.  They have some awesomely adorable totes and you can even get insulated ones to keep your groceries cold! If you choose to use plastic bags, you’ll also save money on trash bags!  Bonus!

5. If your windows are old and you can’t replace them at this time, you can line them with bubble wrap to insulate them a little more, this will help keep the cool air out in the winter and the cool air IN during the summer months! I use the wrap and bubble bags that come in my packages!  It’s a win win for me and the environment!

6. According to, you can save 10% of your electric bill a year by adjusting your thermostat up by 2 degrees in the summer and down by 2 degrees in the winter. They also advise adjusting by 8 degrees at night.  The 2 degree adjustment will save 2000 lbs of Co2 per year!

7.Skip out on buying many cleaners by purchasing re-usable micro fiber cloths that attract dirt all on their own!

An amazing resource is, not only can you learn a ton but you can also get rewarded for your efforts to educate yourself with points to get other things!  Win Win!  You can also consult with HomeLab and see what you can do to make your home healthier as well and get a free ebook to help you learn more!

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