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How Etekcity Saved Me Money!


6 Reasons You Absolutely Must Have These!Got any little ones running around?  Always hearing ‘can you turn the light on?’ If it’s driving you nuts, I have found the best solution yet!  Etekcity Remote Outlet Switch Zap 5LX is absolutely awesome!  We have a three year old who can’t quite reach the lights yet and for some reason he needs the bathroom light on at the most inopportune time (like when feeding the baby or folding laundry or working).  Though we did jump and go turn the light on every time, remembering to turn it back off was a problem and the electricity bill was beginning to show us just how much we needed to remember!

Etekcity is our new household hero!  The Remote Outlet Switch has saved us in so many ways.  Each outlet has a number on the back and will only use a fraction of the electricity when triggered by the remote.   (Having something plugged in, even when it’s not on, pulls some power.)  In less than a month our electricity bill went down almost $3 which is impressive given that initially we were only using it for the bathroom!  It will pay for itself quite quickly at this rate!  At the moment, we have it controlling our Christmas decorations as well which is nice as if I forget to turn off the lights, I can grab the remote from bed and take care of it!

The company claims that the remote will go through walls and reach pretty far, so I of course had to test that out.  Turning the bathroom light on from down the hall, easy.  From outside on the back porch, done.  THEN I took it to the mailbox, which is beyond my carport, room for cars to park and across the street.  It actually worked!   Needless to say I was impressed!

Whether you have little ones or not, this product can really save you time and energy.  I love that when I’m sick I can turn things on without getting up.  If you have a coffee pot that will start when turned on, you could even use it to start your coffee.  Unfortunately for me mine doesn’t.  LOL.  Still have to use my timer.

In case there is any question, know that I did receive this for free in exchange for sharing with you my honest opinion.  All opinions listed are my own.

The 6 Reasons You Must Have This!

  1.  No more running every time the little one needs a light on, just hit the button and the necessary lamp comes on.
  2. When leaving at night or for the evening, we can take the remote and just turn the light on and off as we need it rather than leaving it running the entire day.
  3. If you have a coffee pot that has an on switch, you can start your coffee in the morning from bed!
  4. Christmas lights….  need I say more?
  5. Things plugged into outlets no longer pull as much power, therefore reducing your energy costs as Etekcity pays for itself!
  6. And just because it’s cool and fun, the little kids think you’ve done a magic trick.  LOL.


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