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How to Work From Home With the Free Telework App

In the Covid-19 stuck at home climate, along with our normal need for extra income, how to work from home is pretty essential. Especially if you have health issues or little ones. From experience, I can say blogging is rarely the answer. Breaking down how much time it takes, we get paid almost nothing for the most part. I was crushed when I calculated it out and realized I was making less than $2 per hour. Yeah, it’s lame, (go ahead and pity click on the ads on the side bar LOL).How to Work From Home With the Free Telework App @MyCraftZoo

There are a lot of site that you can earn money on, we did a whole post on them: Legitimate Ways to Earn Cash Online. They won’t typically bring you a ton of income. More like extra spending money. Works great for Christmas/birthdays and such. Definitely not for paying the mortgage/rent/light bill/etc. All of those sites are sites I personally have gotten cash from, mostly via paypal.

So what do we do for that, especially those of us who have lost our jobs, can’t do out side hustle, etc?

We find ways to Work from Home, of course!

Telework App is one way you can work from home. They don’t charge you to share your expertise and you are paid within 24 hours. Basically, you are opening up a video consultancy for whatever your area is.

Whether it be professional, personal, or hobby you can totally do this! How often have you wished you had someone to ask about certain areas? Search engines are great, but with this you can speak directly to someone who actually knows the topic. Say goodbye to trying to figure out the proper search terms!

How to Work From Home With the Free Telework App @Crafty_Zoo #workfromhomePeople can find you via their search for your topic or via your personal link and Telework will connect and pay you.

Currently, Telework App is only available on Apple devices, but this Android girl is hoping they join the Android users soon. Check out Telework and see if it’s for you! It seems like a fantastic way to offer your talents to those seeking it for sure! Unfortunately for me, no apple products. However, you can apparently utilize their site via the internet if you are seeking assistance on something.

How to Work from Home with Telework:

  1. Download the app. (linked above)
  2. Create your profile, choosing a username and adding a picture
    • Remember to make your profile picture one that reflects the work you are offering!
  3. Set your rate and hours.

It’s that simple. When someone utilizes the app to seek you out, you’ll get a phone call reflecting ‘Telework Customer’ on the caller ID. Simply answer the call and begin your consulting. Telework will transfer the funds directly in your account in 24 hours. Super simple!

It’s certainly a great way to earn at home for a little while or perhaps it will be lucrative enough that you can stop the other side hustles.

If you are a blogger, influencer or business owner, you may want to check out my for bloggers page. It’s full of tips, tricks and such geared toward you!



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