Register a domain with GoDaddy for $4.99 and get $10

If you’ve been thinking of registering a domain name or starting your own website, you can make money doing it thanks to GoDaddy and Swagbucks. Here’s how it works: Click here, then register a domain name for just $4.99 for the first year. You’ll get $10 (paid in the form of 1000 SB) instantly for […]

Great New App! Swagbucks Local

For all my Swagbucks peeps, bet you’ll be as excited for this app as I am!  Right now, it’s only available on Apple, but they say the Google app is coming.  I love the easy ways to earn on Swagbucks!  If you haven’t signed up, I hope you’ll join using my link.  😀  Signing up […]

Gaming with Play2Shop

Gaming, whether you are serious or just a stress relief player, has come so far since the days of Atari and the original Nintendo.  If you had told me in the 80’s that we could one day get rewarded or even paid to play games, I would have been your best friend in the world!  […]

Fall Bills

Swagbucks just announced their latest set of Collector’s Bills will be available starting on Wednesday, September 18th. If you’ve never heard of Swagbucks Collector’s Bills before, here’s how they work: When you win Swag Bucks by searching, you may randomly win one of these four specially-designed bills. If you win them all before October 1st, […]

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