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Princess Party

Hey Everyone!  The love of crafts started with probably sewing for me.  Then it grew…  And grew…  Now it’s such an insanely large part of me.  I’m okay with that…  It keeps me productive!  Anyway, my current craft collection grew so largely due to my love for scrapbooking.  Somewhere along the way, I got distracted from it though.  So, I thought I would show you some of my scrapbook pages.  I haven’t posted any in a really long time, so here ya go!

These are pictures of my adorable God-daughter’s birthday party.  They did a Princess theme, which fits her quite well!   I cut the castle out from the Everyday Paper Doll Dress Up Cricut Cartridge.  The scrolls I found online and printed on cardstock.

Are there any other types of birthday party themes you would like to see posts of??  I’m all up for suggestions!

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Good Times

 I hate thinking of things to do with seemingly random pictures, but this one turned out pretty well.  I framed some of the shots to bring out colors and aligned a stamp on the bottom so it wouldn’t seem like a bare spot.

Chief Zoo Keeper loves laughter shots, so I took a few.  We were visiting a dear friend, the best man at our wedding, in fact, and introducing him to our daughter for the first time.  There is always lots of laughter when we see him, especially since it’s few and far between!  He lives in Lousiana and we just don’t get to hang out much!

Since you can’t read the journaling, the frog probably seems kind of random to ya.  It was Monkey’s first ever gift from her Granny-Momma.  I used the tags from the frog to embellish the page and explained it in the journal page.

What is the most out of the ordinary thing you’ve used in your scrapbook???

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Baby Boy Baby Book

There are no additions coming to the Zoo, but I made this anyway! I thought it was cute! If you like the concept but need one for a Baby Girl, it would be easy to modify the colors for a girl! I went with a Zoo theme, not because I am bias, though I do love animals, but because I couldn’t think of any other way to feature animals throughout, and for some reason that is what I was in the mood to use! 😀
Welcome Baby
Page 1
This page is just for an introduction to the little darling.  I cut the Zebra, Rabbit, Cat and Alligator using the Everyday Paper Doll cartridge at 3 inches, not real dial size. I traced them using a sharpie over where the cuts were, filling them in on the Zebra. I found a font I liked online then traced it over a glass table with a light under it (Thanks to Chief Zoo Keeper for an awesome and well planned birthday gift! Draft table with a light!) However, if you don’t have one you can do what I use to do, trace it using the window when it’s bright and sunny. Just remember it’s very difficult to get it straight if you don’t use lines! You could easily change up the information to put on this page to fit a little more personally, but I went with these:
Baby’s Full Name
Named For
Birthday (you could put birth date)
hair (or hair color)
About the Family Page
Pages 2-3 
I did My Big Brother, About Mommy, and About Daddy. You could modify it to say My Big Sister, or if there are no siblings, you could do another relative or Godparent. I did the words using my Cricut and the black markers, but obviously you could easily do this without a Cricut! The alphabet was drawn with Plantin School Cartridge at 1 inch. Be sure and leave space for pictures and journaling.

Baby On Board
Pages 4-5 
I wanted to do a train theme for this one, just because I loved the thought I came up with. Plus, I remember riding the train around the Tulsa Zoo when I was a kid. Thought it was the coolest thing ever! Anyway, leaving lots of space for pictures, I added these journaling prompts:
The first time we felt you move…
When we heard your heart beat…
Our thoughts about you….
The letters are foam cutouts that I found on clearance from Halloween. The train and accessories were cut out again at 3 inches. I used white on the Engine Car and gold on the cage car. It makes me think of the Winnie the Pooh and Friends that had the Circus that it flipped between. I don’t know why they dumped the Circus, but I sure miss that one! Anyone remember what that was called or what happened to it????? I’d love to know! My Granny use to record them for me and my cousin….. Memories…..
Bath Time
Pages 6-7 
I used the Plantin School Cartridge again to draw the letters, then I used the Everyday Paper dolls to draw the duckies and cut the bath tub and bath stuff out. These are really simple lines, if you don’t have a Cricut, it would be easy to stare at it for a bit and free hand it.
Growin’ So Fast
Page 8-9 
I HAD to use Giraffe’s because they grow so tall!!! I felt like it fit the weight/length chart perfect! You could also make a wall hanging that would coordinate with this page so that as they grew they could mark it on their own giraffe, then take pics by it and add them in! (I know, I’m a genius, it’s just what I do! LOL)
I did a chart from Birth to 12 months leaving spaces to write in weight and length.
No Real Title, A sleepy page!
Page 10-11 

I cut out tiny stars with a punch and placed them in a sort of pattern, using stickers that have the Twinkle, Twinkle song that I found at Dollar Tree. If you can’t find any, making your own would be super simple! I’m sure you can guess how to do it! LOL. I love the sleepy baby pics! They are always so cute! I always wonder what they are dreaming about when the make the funny little faces in their peaceful slumber!

Well, I hope you liked my post. Since it’s November, I’m going to add in my Thankful statement! I am thankful for the innocence of childhood and children! I am thankful that God gives them that special way of seeing things, not only for their protection, but for our enlightenment as well!
Be sure and check back soon for my first giveaway!!!  Also, for those of you new to the Zoo, NEVER feed the animals!  Sometimes they try to follow you home and never leave!  

Some other ideas for a Mommy (or self pampering):
For those Ruff Days
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DIY Jewelry Hanger

Be sure and check out our first giveaway!  Lots of chances to win!!!


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Arranging Portraits

ArrangingScrapbookHello All!!!  Sorry this one is going out so late in the day!  I started doing it earlier but I had to help my neighbor’s baby sitter get their little monkeys calmed down!!!

I have to point out the butterfly chair, it was made from iron.  Absolutely beautiful!!!  I loved it, but the price tag did not love my wallet!!!  One of these days, I would love to have one for the garden I imagine myself having!!!
In order to enhance the decor, I used some cardboard to make the date  and journaling pop out.
The font was cut at 1 inch using the inside of the Zoo Font Cartridge.


I took a shot of the building we were shooting by, as it was in a historic part of town and  it seemed like it would be a great shot!  My journal area talks about where we were to tie the building shot in.

Anyway, I think I have said this before, but I’ll say it again:  portraits are my very LEAST favorites to scrapbook!  I never know what to do/write/or how to embellish!

**As a side note, though way more important, please pray for us as we are seeking to find the house God intends for us!  We are looking for something we can grow into, as the Zoo needs more Monkeys!!!  Thanks!!!

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4th of July Page: Bottle Rocket Fight

Fabulously Fun Independence Day Celebration

Okay, going to go with a disclaimer:  “I do not endorse nor encourage playing with fireworks, they are dangerous and not to be used as a toy….  They should be used under close adult supervision!”  That being said, my mom was there and participated… so I guess our adult supervision was insufficient!  LOL.  The letters are cut using a font I found for free on-line…  I’m sorry to say I don’t remember where!  Just do a web search and you should find one!  There are all kinds of free fonts, I don’t encourage using the ones you have to download, but that’s just my opinion.  😀
I made the arrows to add some journaling to the page and it worked nicely to add a little something to the page.  Honestly, I made the arrows using a template my Mom got for me as a little girl at a tupperware party.  Remember those ladies???  I remember that I couldn’t WAIT to get old enough to go to one so I could buy whatever I wanted.  Man, those were the days!  Now there are hardly any sort of tupperware, much less those great parties to get AFFORDABLE goods for homes!!!

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Photo Layout: Smile

The one thing I do hate about posed or planned pictures is the difficulty level of scrapbooking. It seems like it is much harder than doing pictures of ‘real life.’  So, I thought I’d post this.  Hopefully it helps you with that page that you just can’t come up with a layout for.  I edited the pictures using a free photo editing site that really is simple enough for dummies like myself!  They turn out super cute and you can journal on your pic if you like.  😀  Enjoy!!!

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First Day of School: Freshman!!!

Okay, so I’m a bit behind!  I JUST got around to scrapping this page.  It’s from the first day of school (at least it was THIS school year!).  She was a first day freshman at a brand new school!  Fortunately, she is use to me doing 10 million pics so she didn’t mind me taking pics!  Anyway, yeah, just now scrapped it…terrible parent….blah blah blah…..  stop judging me!!!  LOL.  Hope you like the layout!  I decided to put the pics on different ‘mats’ so that they could each have their own stories without having to do a double page layout.  I am reserving the other page to put her grades on at the end of the year, along with some memories of the year.
I put a list of the classes she is taking for a couple of reasons: 1. to take up space and 2. so we won’t forget.  It’s always nice to flip through a scrapbook and be reminded of something that reminds you of so many others!  For those of you trying desperately to read the caption beside that pic, a stray had done it’s business in our driveway and she dropped her shiny new pencil in it AND stepped in it.  (She is quite talented indeed.)  In our house, we laugh a LOT, so this was just something that made us laugh (her too, we’re not cruel!).  LOL.  I’m still smiling about it, funny stuff!  You don’t get this comedy just anywhere!!!
Used the Everyday Paper Dolls Cricut Cartridge to cut out the bus, then colored it in with colored pencils.  I wrote a school name on the bus.  The stickers were random school things I cut out.  A good place to get school type embellishments, if you don’t have anything or want to go buy, is anything with the school logo on it, magazines, or even pictures on packaging.  They work and look great!  Trust me, no one is going to turn up their nose and say “is that from a MAGAZINE???”  They will however, tell you how great it was that you thought of it!  LOL.  (That’s when ya point em to the Zoo, LOL)

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Baby’s First Birthday Scrapbook Page

I cut his name at 4″ using Plantin School Cartridge.  I added stickers that were relevant to the birthday party scheme.  I really enjoyed making this page, and it makes me smile.  Hope you like it!!!

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Take-out Menu Holder

I used a large envelope that came in the mail (I never throw things away!!!) to make a take-out menu holder.
The finished project!  I used the brads to add some ‘flare’ to it.  I cut the letters from the Cricut Plantin Cartridge at 2 inches.  The phone came from the Cricut From My Kitchen cartridge.  It’s cut at 3″ real dial size.  I hope you like it!  Please share your organizational crafts with me!  Feel free to link up if you have a blog!  Thanks!!!

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Memory Book Made of Stuff Around the House

I wanted to make a book for my husband, but I didn’t have all the stuff I needed (round clip, hard covers, etc) so I made due with what I had around the house.  I used cardboard, material, leather, ribbon, and brads to make it.  I am feeling quite proud of myself for being so handy.  LOL.  I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to use what you can find around the house as well!
On the inside cover, I wrote a little introduction note.  I cut the pages at 6 x 6 inches.  On each page I wrote about a memory, then found coordinating embellishments. 
I did the book with pages describing some of the memories we have made together.  There are so many, it was hard to choose!  You’ll notice in the upper left hand corner I used brads with holes in them to make sure the pages didn’t tear when I threaded them. 

I used leather to bind my book, as I didn’t have any of the metal things to bind with.  I then tied several pieces of ribbons to decorate a bit. 
This is the completed book.  In order to make the cover and back page, I took two pieces of cardboard cut at 6 1/2 x 6 1/2  inches, then covered them in white material.  You could use any material you had, even an old t-shirt would work.  I used Elmer’s glue, because it was all I had.  I had pictures, but they accidentally got erased.  I wrapped the cardboard as if it were a gift, doing the inside first, then after it dried I wrapped the outside so that the nasty glue was covered.  I also put a piece of cardstock on the inside so that it was pretty on the eyes.   The letters are cut at 2 inches using the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut Cartridge.  I read this phrase on a blog somewhere (I’m quite ashamed to admit I forgot which one, if you know, please comment so I can link to it!!!), it means ‘Beautiful Times’ in French.

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