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Giani Review

gianiOkay, so some of you know we bought a house recently and have been remodeling.  There were only two rooms that didn’t get a makeover, the existing bathrooms.  (We added a new bathroom as well, but that’s another day!)  The main bathroom is….well….lacking, but so were funds so we decided to make it our work in progress.  Tile and a new shower are in store, but not anytime soon!  The old counter top was laminate and installed probably when the house was built in 1976.  Needless to say in was in need of a facelift so when the chance to try out Giani’s Granite Paint for Countertops came, I jumped at it!
I will admit that painting is NOT my thing.  I stink at it!  But, I figured there was no way I could make it look worse than it already did, so I risked it!  I’m proud to say that it looks really great!  I really love the way it turned out!  So, check out this tutorial and then consider re-doing your old countertops!

 Start out by wiping down your counter really well.  You want to get off any debris or bumps so that they don’t show in the paint!  Next tape off everything.  They suggested 2 layers of tape around the wall, I suggest three!
 A little trick for you!  If you line your paint pan with tin foil, your cleanup is a whole lot faster!  😀
Each can is labeled so that you know exactly which layer goes when.  The instructions and the instructional DVD are really great!  Don’t worry about lines, they even out on their own!  😀
Sponge on the first layer.  Randomly.
It’s labeled, you’ll know which one!
Then the second layer.  You don’t have to wait for dry time!  😀
You guessed it!
The third layer!  LOL
I know, it doesn’t look like much.  Next you go through and blog any places that you’ve missed with random colors.  Since there is no real formula for blotting, you don’t have to worry about messing up!  Do the same along the edges.  I forgot to get pics, sorry!
 Little show stealer, she found the markers and went to work.  Then she decided she had to have a pic while I was taking the finishing shots, thought I’d share with ya!  😀
Voila!  My new ‘granite’ countertops!  Super easy, foolproof!  And I love the way it turned out!
If you’d like to try it out, you can go here.
I promise, no craftiness needed!  You can’t mess this up, because it’s all about randomness!
Per the powers that be, I received one kit for review purposes.  There was no monetary compensation, my opinions are my own.  Always.  For more information on my policies, go here.

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Soda Stream

Guest Post Written and Provided by Tammie over at Freebies Galore and Giveaways Too!!!  

Hey guys, the review done by Crafty Zoo can be found here if you’d like an additional bit of research after you’ve read this one!  😀
 Let me start off by saying that when the opportunity came up for me to try the new Sodastream, I literally jumped at the chance.  And i am so glad that i did. I cannot tell you you how awesome the machine is but i am sure going to try.
   The package arrived by UPS. Just look at what came with it.

There was the machine(which was super easy to put together), 2 bottles, the carbonator, 6 fill size flavors, 12 sample flavors and 3 water flavors and the instructions.  I went to the Sodastream web site and decided to read up on the product first and what i found was that believe it or not but Sodastream is saving the world from the plastic bottles ending up in the landfills,  they participate in world water,  they date back to 1903 where they introduced innovative solutions to  the world beverage market and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Just to mane a few things but you can read more at Sodastream USA .

I just could not wait to try this and my hubby(eric) was more than willing to help.  After the machine is put together, we then started.  The directions say to fill a bottle with water up to the fill here line.  Then screw the bottle into the machine and press the button on top of the machine 3 times until you hear a sound then you are done carbonating it.

     Yes, Eric is very intense in making this.  I think he was just thirsty.  Next after you have the bottle carbonated, pick your flavor and follow the directions on how much to add and Do this slowly.  I did it fast(LOL), and it ended up all over me!  One thing i learned was to follow the directions.

          Eric decided to do the orange.  This product gets a thumbs up from my whole family! We just love it.

   It saves a lot of money
   Easy to use.
   So many variety’s of flavors and types
   Great for the environment
   The bottles will last for 3 years
   Flavors are easy to find


~~Disclosure- The product was given to me for the purpose of doing a review. Whether favorable or not favorable, the opinions expressed are solely my own.  I was not paid to write this review. was kind enough to allow me to have a giveaway for 1 Sodastream Fountain Jet Starter Kit. You will get your choice of red white or black/silver. Some great bloggers and I have gotten together to offer this wonderful giveaway.

 Open to U.S Residents only!
 The giveaway runs from May 20 @ 12:01 A.M. -June 10th  @ 12:01 A.M.
Also PearlMountain has kindly allowed us to have a giveaway of their Image Converter Software with licenses to 20 winners!!!

So please enter using the easy Rafflecopter below.  Good luck to you also and thank you for entering.

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Liquid Gold Clean Screen Review

Hey Everyone!  I don’t know about your computer screen, but mine was filthy!  Was, being the operative word!  I’m always afraid to clean them.  Screens now aren’t like screens back in the day!  So different!  I never know what is good for them and what isn’t, so I just don’t clean them.  I know, horrible.  I found this product and I’m really liking it!  It states what it can be used on, so no confusion.  It’s safe for laptops, desktop computer screens, HDTV’s, etc.
Here is their product description:

Kit contains:
Spray: Formulated with Reverse Osmosis (RO) Solution state-of-the art water treatment technology. RO removes molecules of mineral deposits and impurities smaller than the water molecules themselves. RO leaves nothing behind but a crystal clear clean. 6.5 fl. oz.

Cloth: A unique synthetic suede microfiber cloth that is used to apply the RO solution. Soft & lint-free, highly absorbent and quick drying, the cloth cleans without scratching delicate surfaces.

I used it on my laptop screen for just a few seconds, using a couple more sprays than it asks for, gently wiped the screen down for a few seconds, and it looks amazing!  While the screen was still off, I could see a few streaks and it made me a little nervous, but once I turned it on the screen is gorgeous!  It looks brand new!  Honestly, kind of makes the rest of this little old laptop look sad….
Yeah, moving on…
Their website can be found here and you can also follow them on twitter here!  Their product can often be found for as low at $4.00!  It’s a 6.5 oz bottle, so you’ll not need a new one for a while!  Well, unless your house resembles an electronic store!

If you are interested in DIY cleaners, check this one out!  Super easy!


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Sure Flap Review & Giveaway

Soon we will be posting our remodeling stuff and I thought we would get you ready for it with an early home post!  Pets: super important to consider when remodeling.  After all, they are the part of our family that won’t get to voice their concerns!  Well, at least not with the English (or whatever you may speak) language!  I think this one is the cat’s meow!  Hehe, pun intended!    
Sureflap is a unique cat door in that it opens for your cat when they approach via their microchip.  For you tech people, or those who are married to them, it works on a binary system so it can store up to 32 different codes!  Once the codes are there, you don’t have to reprogram it for battery changes or anything.  Thus ending the in and out game we all get to play with our pets!  

According to the papers they sent me, they are working on doing a small dog door to be released some time this year.  The Zoo is looking forward to that one too!  Currently, you can get the Sure Flap for $149.99 over at their site!  You can get white or brown, they measure 5.59 x 5.39 inches.

You can win one here at the Zoo thanks to the great people over at Sure Flap!  Check them out on facebook too!

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Soda Stream Fountain Jet Review

Hey everyone!  I recently received a Soda Stream Fountain Jet to review and wanted to let you hear my thoughts!  Here goes my two cents!

Okay, I’ll be honest and say that I always though ‘WHO would buy one of those!!!’  They seem a bit expensive when we can easily buy 2 liters!  However, after trying one, I can see a use for them!  In our house, we don’t drink soda except on special occasions and when we go out.  So, basically we don’t buy soda for the house.  Ever.  We drink a lot of water, kool-aid, milk, juice and tea.  However, after playing with trying out the Fountain Jet, I’ve changed my tune!

If you are one of those households like ours, where soda is a special occasion treat, the Fountain Jet is right up your alley!  The initial cost is about a hundred bucks if you get it from their website, but you can go higher depending on which value you choose!  I have decided that they are perfect for our movie and game nights!  As well as BBQ’s and small gatherings.

As you could see in the picture I received a pretty nice selection and we’ve yet to choose a favorite!  Root beer, however, is NOT our fave!  It has a diet flavor to it!  Of course, I don’t like homemade root beer in the least, so that may be the problem!  We are looking forward to trying all of the flavors and I’ll let ya know when we try different ones!  I’m looking forward to trying the orange soda one!  Chief Zoo Keeper is wanting to try the Ginger Ale.  Oh, how our tastes differ!

Anyway, the Fountain Jet is simple to use.  The instructions were in every language it seemed like!  They also have a picture diagram, if you are a visual learner like me!  The most time consuming portion was chilling the water, but if you have a water dispenser in your fridge, or just keep cold water on hand, then you’ve got no wait at all!

The flavor of the root beer, wasn’t so great.  I think part of the problem was that it was our first go round.  We were having trouble getting the carbon exact!  They suggest 3 ‘shots’ but that didn’t quite do it for us.  We’re gonna keep experimenting with it!  We’ll keep ya posted when we get it right!  With over 50 flavors, I’m certain we will!

Overall, they have an awesome variety.  If you prefer not to make the sodas, they have great additions for water too!  I’ve changed my mind, I can see uses for it now!  My Monkey likes it!  I think it’s the concept of making your own soda, but regardless she enjoyed it!  I really think you should try one.  It’s great for entertaining, or for an every now and then treat!  It sure beats running to the store just because all of the sudden you actually do want soda!

The only real complaint I had is that it is about a half inch too tall to fit underneath the upper cabinets!  However, in the new house we’ll have none so I won’t be complaining much longer!  Aside from that, it’s a keeper!

My favorite glass.  Looks short and fat at this angle!  LOL.  Have you tried Sodastream???  Do you have a favorite flavor of their soda, or just in general?  I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear any tips, tricks or thoughts you’ve got for it!!!

As a simple little reminder, all of my opinions are always my own.  My opinions are not paid for!  BUT, if they ever are, I’ll let ya know that it’s not actually my opinion!  If you’ve got any questions, please refer to my Disclosure tab above or just click here, it’ll give ya the rundown!

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The Slice™ Safety Cutter Review

You into coupons or paper crafting???  I have found a very convenient little cutter!  Small, simple, sharp to cut but won’t cut your skin!  😀  (Not that we are clumsy-ya know, probably shouldn’t bother with that one! LOL)

The Slice is super convenient, sharp, and perfect for all sorts of projects!  The blade is ceramic so it will last longer than steel without dulling or rusting, it has a magnet and key ring hole (which is awesome because it won’t cut ya if you touch the blade!), and it’s comfortable for use!  (Designed for convenience to left and right handed people!)  I’m gonna go ahead and confess that before seeing this picture, I had already tried sticking my finger to it!  (Yet another reason I got banned from sharp objects for a while!)

Cutting is really easy and doesn’t take much pressure!  The slice Safety cutter is Great for couponers!  It took so much time off cutting my coupons!  I am really loving this cutter!  If you frequently cut paper, from coupons to card stock, this will quickly become a go-to cutter for you!  This week, The Slice cut my coupon cutting time into about 5 minutes!  It took longer to read the ads than to cut my coupons!!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  

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Ozeri Professional Series Induction Pan

Amazing Induction Pan!!!In all my years of cooking, I still have not mastered making an omelet. No idea why, I’ve watched people do it for years, even worked as a cook where I manned the flat top. Still, that skill evades me. If I say that I am making an omelet, Chief Zoo Keeper says everytime without fail “you mean you are making scrambled eggs with stuff in it.”  I put that with a period not a question mark on purpose, not one single word in that is a question when he says it. Lol.  One of the reasons I have never really practiced is that I absolutely despise having to get egg off of a dirty pan.

Ozeri Professional Series Induction Pan

The Ozeri pan has killed that excuse. I love this thing! No matter what I cook, all I have to do is wipe it out and the would be stuck on food comes off, even if it been on for days! (Don’t judge, it happens! Lol)

The Ozeri Professional Series Induction Pan, I have also noticed, has become his favorite to cook with. Why is that significant you wonder? It is saying a lot because we have pans that cost well over $100 bucks each. This one is much more affordable!

Get Yours Here!!!

Features of pan:

  • Durable aluminum core
  • Magnetized AISI steel base plate for use with rapid heat-transfer stoves
  • triple layered professional coat for non-stick perfection
  • 100% free of APEO, PFOA, NMP, and NEP
  • hardened, scratch-resistant coating
  • super easy to clean
  • heat resistant silicon coated handle

Wondering what to cook in it first? Check out this awesome Indian Omelet! It’s delicious!  (Even if mine didn’t quite look right, haha)


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DIY Home: Hanging The Heavy Stuff

Hanging things is not my gift but with GripIt we no longer have to worry about my decor falling off the wall!

DIY Home: Hanging the Heavy Stuff (& Making it Easy!)

DIY Home: Hanging The Heavy Stuff

Does your hubby have a to do list 10 years long?  Well, maybe not quite ten years as mine does occasionally do things on the list but getting him to hang stuff is not easy.  It makes me crazy.  This is why I am loving Grip It so much!  It is kinda making hanging stuff my thing! Yay!

Enter GripIt Drywall Hanging Kit and the MarXMan Pen!  The hanging kit makes it easy for me to hang things as I am terrible at finding studs and I no longer have to play guesswork with where to nail thanks to the pen!  Just mark it, hang and go!

If you didn’t see my post about another GripIt product with the hilarious story of toilet sitting assault, I highly suggest you read it.  If nothing else, it will give you a really good laugh!  The point of the post is about an easy way to hang your flat screen, but the story will make you laugh until you cry.  It did me, when it happened, when I tell it and even when I wrote it down for you!

I don’t know about you, but I can never find the stud.  If I do, it’s on accident.  I was taught how to do it, but I’ve never really been able to do.  Thankfully I don’t need it with the GripIt Drywall Hanging Kit! It enables you to hang 113 kg (roughly 249 lbs) from your drywall safely!  It’s great for hanging plants and shelves!




The MarXMan Pen can mark almost any surface, including granite, tile, cement, brick, metal, wood and more!  It marks with a removable green fluorescent pigment.  Each pen contains 250 bursts!  Now you can mark the exact spot you need to drill so that there are no more slightly off center holes!

Gripit Twitter : @gripitfixings
Gripit Facebook: Gripitfixings
Gripit Instagram: @gripitfixings12

Win a GripIt Blue Pack & Marker Pen #3

There’s MORE!  Just click the pic below!

The Accessory You Need, No Matter What Your Lifestyle!

This accessory is one that every person could use, and use often!  For so many reasons.  Check them out and get yours.  You’ll be amazed you ever lived without it!

The Accessory You Need, No Matter What Your Lifestyle!

So many uses for the Yummy Pouch bags!  They are, of course, made to keep snacks in but I’m currently using them for make-up in my purse which, let’s just face, it might as well be a suitcase!  If it spills or leaks, yummy patch will keep it in and I can wash it easily without needing to clean my entire purse!

I love the colors and patterns they have!  There so many different colors but the ones I chose are pictured below.  I love them and I really have a thing for the Paisley and Chevron patterns!

Of course, you can use them for sandwiches and snacks given that they are designed for it!  They perfectly fit a sandwich or small pita.  The snack size bags easily fit serving sizes of most snacks.  They are especially wonderful for road trips and diaper bags.

Yummi Pouch also has larger wet bags for wet clothes and cloth diapers.  It is always amazing how somehow children manage to get either wet or filthy, no matter where you are or what you doing!

Be sure and check out the entire Yummi Pouch Collection!  I’m sure that you’ll find one that you later love and you’ll definitely love them when you get yours!  They are so versatile!  Take a minute add them to your wishlist and get started ordering yours today!  Trust me, they will become a favorite accessory very quickly!


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How Etekcity Saved Me Money!


6 Reasons You Absolutely Must Have These!Got any little ones running around?  Always hearing ‘can you turn the light on?’ If it’s driving you nuts, I have found the best solution yet!  Etekcity Remote Outlet Switch Zap 5LX is absolutely awesome!  We have a three year old who can’t quite reach the lights yet and for some reason he needs the bathroom light on at the most inopportune time (like when feeding the baby or folding laundry or working).  Though we did jump and go turn the light on every time, remembering to turn it back off was a problem and the electricity bill was beginning to show us just how much we needed to remember!

Etekcity is our new household hero!  The Remote Outlet Switch has saved us in so many ways.  Each outlet has a number on the back and will only use a fraction of the electricity when triggered by the remote.   (Having something plugged in, even when it’s not on, pulls some power.)  In less than a month our electricity bill went down almost $3 which is impressive given that initially we were only using it for the bathroom!  It will pay for itself quite quickly at this rate!  At the moment, we have it controlling our Christmas decorations as well which is nice as if I forget to turn off the lights, I can grab the remote from bed and take care of it!

The company claims that the remote will go through walls and reach pretty far, so I of course had to test that out.  Turning the bathroom light on from down the hall, easy.  From outside on the back porch, done.  THEN I took it to the mailbox, which is beyond my carport, room for cars to park and across the street.  It actually worked!   Needless to say I was impressed!

Whether you have little ones or not, this product can really save you time and energy.  I love that when I’m sick I can turn things on without getting up.  If you have a coffee pot that will start when turned on, you could even use it to start your coffee.  Unfortunately for me mine doesn’t.  LOL.  Still have to use my timer.

In case there is any question, know that I did receive this for free in exchange for sharing with you my honest opinion.  All opinions listed are my own.

The 6 Reasons You Must Have This!

  1.  No more running every time the little one needs a light on, just hit the button and the necessary lamp comes on.
  2. When leaving at night or for the evening, we can take the remote and just turn the light on and off as we need it rather than leaving it running the entire day.
  3. If you have a coffee pot that has an on switch, you can start your coffee in the morning from bed!
  4. Christmas lights….  need I say more?
  5. Things plugged into outlets no longer pull as much power, therefore reducing your energy costs as Etekcity pays for itself!
  6. And just because it’s cool and fun, the little kids think you’ve done a magic trick.  LOL.

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