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DIY Earring Holder: Upcycled Items Project

DIY Earring Holder is upcycled from would-be trash I had around the house. I love when I find new uses for things that would have otherwise been thrown away!
DIY Earring Holder: Upcycled Items Project
First, I will start off by apologizing for not sticking to my own agenda!  It’s been busy at the Zoo and I had to take some family time to get some things done, so posting was neglected!!!!  I’m not gonna promise it won’t happen again, because I would probably be lying!  😀  However, I will do my best!!!
DIY Earring Holder: Upcycled Items Project
I took an old frame that I had bought at Dollar Tree a while back and decided to re-purpose it!   It no longer fit my decor anyway!
DIY Earring Holder: Upcycled Items Project


I painted it first with a solid color, then again with glitter paint.
DIY Earring Holder: Upcycled Items ProjectHere is a closer pic so you can see the glitter paint.  Please excuse the dot, this was before I  got rid of it!!!
DIY Earring Holder: Upcycled Items ProjectI had an old wire mesh strainer that was coming apart from it’s holder, so I took the wire out of the broken strainer to use for my holder.  😀
DIY Earring Holder: Upcycled Items ProjectI used my hot glue gun to glue the mesh down after stretching it out.  Just remember, it dries fast so you have to move fast!  I would glue an area, clamp it, then move to the next area.  If you don’t have clamps, you can use some heavy object, just do one spot at a time.  Messing up is an easy fix, just peel off the glue and do it again!  It won’t mess up the paint, so no worries!!!DIY Earring Holder: Upcycled Items ProjectI used some balloon ribbon to hang it.  Since the frame had designs cut into it, I simply ran the ribbon through.  If your frame doesn’t have design cut through it, you could use a pop tab on each side or just glue the ribbon directly to the frame.  I liked that since I didn’t glue it directly, I could easily change the way it is hung.DIY Earring Holder: Upcycled Items Project
Here is the finished project.  I took a knife and ran it between the
ribbon and my thumb to  curl it.  Different directions make different
curls.  If you use metallic ribbon, remember to curl on the back side
otherwise it won’t curl!!!


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One thought on “DIY Earring Holder: Upcycled Items Project

  • gloria patterson

    This is a UPCYCLE!! My great niece has some earring and needs a place to put them. This would be great


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