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Dot Com 2.0: Getting Those Men Out of Boots!

Lugz Dot Com 2.0 did not disappoint! They are super comfortable and durable! Perfect for those men that wear nothing but boots!

Dot Com 2.0

By now you’ve all heard about my love for Lugz! Not too long ago I reviewed the Lugz 2.0 for Women and they were, in true Lugz tradition, fantastic!

We’ve loved Lugz for a while! They last forever, keep your feet super warm and dry while looking fantastic! We’ve reviewed a few other styles around here and are still wearing them!  I frequently wear my Mallards and work in my Thetas! However, my winter favorite are the statement making Empire High CRs!

My latest favorite are the Dot.com 2.0 for ladies! I get tons of compliments and they are super waterproof and comfy! I know, because I went for an impromptu swim in my koi pond. Poured SO much water out of those shoes! LOL.

Dot Com 2.0: Getting Those Men Out of Boots!

The Battle:

My husband wears nothing but boots. He has as long as I’ve known him. It’s unfortunate as that means no shorts in the summer! So, I thought I’d get him to try Lugz Men Dot Com 2.0!

Initially he was resistant, as he could see no reason he needed a new pair of shoes. Then his beloved boots got messed up! Ha! Win for me! (I know that’s terrible, don’t judge!)

So, out of pure force of unexpected environmental happenstance, he’s wearing the Lugz Dot Com 2.0.

Dot Com 2.0: Getting Those Men Out of Boots!

Big Surprise:

He LOVES them! First, all I could get out of him was “they’re shoes.” Ugh! Men!

After a little bit of prompting and motivation, I got him to tell me more about what he though. He seriously takes work sometimes!

Acclamation was made regarding their comfort and how it felt like he was wearing boots. Then, the day came where he decided to wear shorts! Literally the first time he’s worn them outside of our backyard in a few years!

Quite obviously the shoes were a fantastic hit! The Lugz Dot Com 2.0’s for Men has won the boots with shorts battle at last!

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9 thoughts on “Dot Com 2.0: Getting Those Men Out of Boots!

  • LeAnn Harbert

    I like the wide variety of styles they come in especially their kids boots.

  • cool giveaway and the boots look nice. Happy to be cohosting at #OMHGWW and I entered the contest!

  • HUbby has a pair of work boots.
    I like the new 2.0 dot
    and the cool LIGHTWEIGHT slip ons..lol. Especailly, camo

  • I also like the Lugz Drifter 6 ST Wide in black.

  • Anita Duvall

    I really like that all of the shoes are so very durable. Add in the comfort level, and this makes for a great pair of shoes or boots.

  • I love the variety of styles as well as colors that are available. Shoes for the entire family!!!!

  • Antoinette M

    I like all the different styles and the quality of their shoes.

  • Victoria Barbour

    I’ve always loved boots so my dad bought me my first pair of Lugz as a teenager. They are such a comfortable and affordable brand.

  • I haven’t tried Lugz shoes, but they sound like they are really high quality and like that the Dot Com 2.0 are comfy and super waterproof.


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