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Finger and Palm Painting! National Craft Day!

Finger and Palm Painting are crazy fun for little ones! Definitely a wonderful activity and fabulous set of books that you have to have!

Finger and Palm Painting! National Craft Day!

Doing crafts with the kids can be so much fun!  Or, if a parent really gets on your nerves, you can get painting stuff for their kids.  haha.  Okay, that’s mean.  But on the other hand….

Seriously though, helping our children develop is super important!  These books will help your child develop and strengthen their skills and open the door to creativity!  There’s nothing like a child’s imagination!

Strengthening Fine Motor Skills

Finger and palm painting will help little ones learn to control their movements as they place their paints in the correct spots.  They can put dots on ladybugs, stripes on zebras, tulips on stems and so many other activities.  They’ll also be learning ways to move their hands and fingers to make different designs and practicing pretend.

Developing Patience

These little workbooks aren’t to be rushed.  We’ll be learning to set up our painting area and make sure we have all of our supplies before we begin!  While we are working on the pages, we must follow directions and be careful to help each page be complete.  Don’t forget: Each page must dry before moving on!

Reading Comprehension & Word Recognition

Each activity has a brief sentence about what you’ll be doing.  Any and all reading to your little one will increase their recognition.  In addition, they’ll be learning new words and how to follow direction.

Inspire Creativity

These adorable books have painting (obviously) and the playing pretend is super fun!  We’ll be following directions and learning so much in no time!

Finger Painting

Each book contains 15 vibrant finger art images, 15 backdrops to paint on, 15 decorative stickers to mark the completion of the project, talking and thinking prompts along with learning through movement prompts!

Palm Painting

Each book contains 16 vibrant finger art images, 16 backdrops to paint on, 16 decorative stickers to mark the completion of the project, talking and thinking prompts along with learning through movement prompts!

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Finger Painting Level One

Finger Painting Level Two

Palm Painting Level One

Palm Painting Level Two

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3 thoughts on “Finger and Palm Painting! National Craft Day!

  • Stephanie

    These look like great books for any child learning to paint. I think they would be a great to have on hand.

  • Victoria Barbour

    I love that there is a set for both finger and palm painting. It is great for developing fine motor skills and to teach patience.

  • They look like fun books for kids. Mine love to paint and get messy.


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