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Give Thanks DIY Rustic Thanksgiving Decor

Give Thanks

DIY Rustic Thanksgiving Decor!

Welcome November!!!  I’m so excited, apparently I really love November!  LOL.  I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and FINALLY IT’S HERE!!!  I love the fall colors and seeing all the things people come up with to decorate!  We began a new tradition of having Thanksgiving at our house, because most of our family is so far away and we know so many people who don’t have somewhere to go.

One year we had 31 people in our 900 sq ft townhouse!!!  It was PACKED!!!

But, regardless we had a great time and enjoyed the wonderful company!  So today I am posting my first of what I hope to be many pieces of Thanksgiving crafts! You can also check out our Harvest Blessings Banner, it is quite possibly my favorite!

Give Thanks: DIY Rustic Thanksgiving Decor

Give Thanks DIY Rustic Thanksgiving Decor @Crafty_ZooI made it simple.  The simple blessings are the easiest to overlook, so I made this ‘banner’ as simple as possible!  The letters are cut from the Millionaire Cricut Cartridge at 3 inches (I didn’t cut the background shape) and the banner are from Everyday Paper Dolls, the cheerleader pendant.

If you don’t have a Cricut, don’t worry!  Simply trace the letters onto your paper and cut them out!  Then glue them to a triangle shaped like a slice of pizza, and continue on!

See, anyone can do it!

It’s a great reminder of the simple things that we often forget to give thanks for!

I hung them on sticks I found in the yard with paperclips (just bend tape part and then fold out the wire to hang) on the stick and laminated them with mod podge.  There are more detailed instruction on the Harvest Blessings post.

As a reminder for everyone, always we also did a Blessings Can. It has certainly been a blessing in itself.

Give Thanks: DIY Rustic Thanksgiving DecorWhen I was a girl, my great grandparents led caravans all over.  Every year, Granny and I would sit and trace leaves onto construction paper for each one of the trailers, then we’d cut them out and put the number of their trailer on them.  I’ll never forget that and I’m grateful that I had those times with my Granny.
I give thanks for that moment and the many others I had similar to it.
What is that you will Give Thanks for today?


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