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Online slot Myths: How and why and they first appeared

Ever wondered about online slot apps and games? We’ve got the top 5 myths explained for you today. Myths are fictional stories about the origin of the world or some specific populations living in the past. These fictional stories originate from the need to give a concrete explanation to events. People feel the need to explain what happens around them so to make things easier to understand. Check out some new games at www.megareel.com/all-games.

The origin of myths about slot machines

When players started to spread the first fictional stories about slots, their main aim was to find ways to beat these rewarding machines. They wanted to win easy money. Some other of these myths originated from the need to spice up the activity of playing these games.

In the beginning, these stories were only about physical slot machines. Then with the advent of online games, some more stories about online casino websites have been created.

But what are the most broad myths? Here, we are going to list the top five.

The top 5 myths about slot machines

Online slot Myths: How and why and they first appeared1. Mind the temperature of your coins

This is one of the most ancient myth on slot machines. According to some players, the temperature of coins you use to bet matters. For some of them, coins must be very warm to help you win. For some others, it is the opposite. Better if you let the coins cool down a little bit before playing.

Instead, we suggest you not to waste any time on it. Why? Easy. Slot machines can’t detect the temperature of coins.

2. Spins are programmed in advance

According to some players, this game is programmed. This means that the number of spins before making a victory is established in advance. Each machine repeats its cycle every time a victory gets triggered.

This is wrong. The architecture of these machines is enough to explain why this is not possible. Slot machines are not programmed in advance. They work according to a system called Random Number Generator.

3. Play only on some days

Do you have some free time and want to spend it playing slots? Have you first checked which day it is? You should. Always try to play only on some days. By doing this, you will enhance your chances of winning.

This fictional belief must come from statistics on the days of the week where players make more victories playing at slots. Have you ever thought that maybe the reason why casinos register fewer victories on some days is due to the fact there are fewer players?

4. Bonuses make you win less money

Another popular belief that was born recently is that if you use a bonus while playing, you win less money. Conversely, if you use a club card, you win more.

Slots machines are not ‘that sensitive’ to external factors. So, make the most of your bonuses and club cards without getting concerned about it. 

5. Your destiny depends on little leprechauns

While playing, wear the best smile you can. You need to pass the little leprechauns test. Some of these men are hidden inside the machine you are playing. If they don’t like your face, they make you lose. If they like it, you are safe.

Do you need an explanation on the reason why despite very funny, this is only a myth?

Seriously, I’d love to read some funny comments on that question!


Also, shout out to Efes Kitap from Pixabay for the fantastic fortune teller image I used in the post image!


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