21 Uses for Sandalwood Oil with #NewYorkBiology

As I told you before in the 36 Uses for Lavender Oil post, I’m new to essential oils.  I’m having fun learning all the uses and can’t wait to try so many of them!  As I try each new one, I’m sharing with you what I find in my research.  I plan to share my favorite ways to use them eventually, but there are so many and I want to make sure that the blends actually work so that will come later!

I had the opportunity to try out Sandalwood Essential Oil from New York Biology. When I got it in the mail, I placed it on the dining room table and when Chief ZooKeeper saw it he was super excited.  It made me laugh because he reached for it then took his hand back like I’d slapped it, looked at me like a little kid, and asks ‘can I touch it or have you not reviewed it yet?’  LOL.  He recently got in trouble for eating an item I was supposed to review, then couldn’t tell me his thoughts about it so I had to go buy one!

Since I’m so new to oils, all I can say is that this smells amazing!  I am absolutely looking forward to getting a diffuser so that my house can be filled with this awesome smell!  I also plan on using it to make hand scrub for men.  I think that will be a great Christmas gift!

I’d love for you to comment below how you use it and what you use it for!

21 Uses for Sandalwood Oil


Originally posted 2016-08-25 12:11:37.

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