Snowflake Ornament/Gift

Hi People!!!  Sorry it’s been so long since I put up a ‘real’ post!!!  My stinkin’ camera thing went AWOL and we JUST found it!!!  Obviously, I’m super organized and super responsible!!!  😀  Anyway, on to the reason for your visit!!!
I made this hanging out of a straw, ribbon/thread/forgot what this stuff is called, and a beer tab.
 I glued a straw on the back so that I could make sure it hung straight and hide the knot where I tied the pretty string stuff together.  I wrote on the paper the following poem, which I found online somewhere!  
The Legend of the Snowflake 
Long ago,
a gleaming star led
the way to a child 
born in a manger.
Today it is believed
that Snowflakes are 
little pieces of that
special Star
that leads us to
The Light of 
The World, Jesus.
I have to say, Chief Zoo Keeper responded with “WHO says that!?!  What legend!?!”  
Sometimes, he just doesn’t get it!!!  
Now, to the bling!  I made these with re-purposed bottle caps.  I’ll be posting them on my Etsy shop, so come and pick you some up!  They can be used for decoration, ornaments, necklace/keychain charms!  They really are adorable!!!

Merry Christmas and God Bless You!

Originally posted 2011-12-20 01:41:00.

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