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Presser Foot Sewing Kit by Simpzia


If You Have a Sewing Machine You Must See thisSometimes I think sewing projects are like a drug. When I get my sewing machine going I can completely out of all my problems and all my issues as I concentrate on each stitch as the machine feeds the material through. When I am sewing, I am gone to a world where the only thing that matters is my machine. That’s a nice place to be.
I had the opportunity recently to try out the SIMPZIA 42 Pieces Domestic Sewing Machine Presser Feet Kit Set and I’m so excited with the new places that my sewing adventures are going to go. I had absolutely no idea that there were so many accessories in so many ways to go thousands of dollars. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still down for a very expensive embroidery machine but that’s not happening any time soon. Until then, what does accessory set I have the tools necessary to do so many new projects and, given the expensive toys that are sewing machines, this set takes my inexpensive sewing machine to a whole new level.  I really cannot say how much I love this set!  It really expanded the horizons of my inexpensive machine!

Included in the set:

1 x Stitch Guide Foot
1 x Universal Presser Foot
1 x Open Toe Foot
1 x Zipper Foot
1 x Nail Button Pressing Foot
1 x Plastic Invisible Zipper Presser Foot
1 x (A9) Applique Foot
1 x Round Bead Foot
1 x Sewing Press Foot
1 x Satin Stitch Foot
1 x 6mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot
1 x Zig Zag Foot
1 x Open Toe Embroidery Foot
1 x Large Opening Presser Foot
1 x Cording Foot
1 x 1/4″ Quilting Foot
1 x Braiding Foot
1 x Standard Presser Foot
1 x Straight Stitch Foot
1 x Overcast Foot
1 x 5 Hole Cording Foot
1 x 7 Hole Cording Foot
1 x Edge Joining Foot
1 x Double Welting Foot
1 x Invisible Zipper Foot
1 x Fringe Foot
1 x Adjustable Bias Tape Binder Foot
1 x Shirring Foot
1 x 3mm Narrow Edge Presser Foot
1 x 6mm Wide Edge Presser Foot
1 x 3mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot
1 x Roller Foot
1 x Sewing Beads Presser Foot
1 x Buttonholing Presser Foot
1 x Darning Foot Low Shank
1 x Blind Stitch Foot
1 x Darning Foot
1 x Zipper Foot Low Shank
1 x Kint Foot
1 x 7-Groove Pintuck Foot
1 x 9-Groove Pintuck Foot


Originally posted 2017-09-02 16:27:52.