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Event Planning 911: Free Printables, Resources, & Custom Invitations

Event Planning 911: Free Resources for weddings, graduations, announcements & more

Planning an event is fun for me, but I’ve recently seen first hand how stressful it can be for some!  A dear friend is planning her wedding and it seems to be causing some serious anxiety for her.  Of course, I’ll help as much as I can.  There was a twinge of guilt when I had to admit that I didn’t plan my own wedding, My Uncle, whom I’ve worked with in helping other brides with their day, did all of the arranging and planning for our wedding.  I was and still am very grateful!  If you live in Arkansas, or want to have the best for your wedding, check out this wedding & event planner!  I assure you, you would not be disappointed!  What I did do, completely on my own, is our wedding invitations.  This just so happens to be what my friend is battling at the moment.  So, like any good

Event Planning Help: Free Printables, Resources, & Custom Invitationsmatron of honor, I thought I’d do some research for her.  What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t share with you as well?

Event Planning Help: Free Printables, Resources, & Custom InvitationsBasic Invites has a selection worth looking into!  Not only do they have beautiful custom wedding invitations, they also have photo, graduation and party invitations, and for after: collage thank you cards that are out of this world perfect!  I love that they have both foil and non-foil cards as well as SO many different colors and a ton (over 40) of colored envelopes!  They are truly gorgeous and I wish I’d known of them when we got married!  Fortunately, I know of them now and will be using them in the future!  While there won’t be another wedding, there will be plenty of other events!  With graduation coming up, I think they’ll come in handy soon!  I have yet another niece who insists on growing up and graduating soon.  Plus the first will be getting married in the next couple of years.

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DIY Water Bottle Invitations

DIY Water Bottle InvitationsOur Women’s Ministry was having a Bible Study and as a way of getting attention to the invites that we were sitting on our ministry table, I was asked to make these bottles.  Plus, the theme is Thirst so our women’s ministry leader was a genius to think of this!  I couldn’t just attach the postcards, I had to add some pretty to it too!!!!




I made labels with my computer that said a scripture relevant to the study and cut scrapbook paper to glue them on.  The easiest way to do this is to use tape, or you can tape the under side and then run glue under the whole label. I then attached a more detailed invitation.  These were done on a postcard size, but business card sizes would work perfectly on the small water bottles.   It didn’t take long to do, probably 4-5 hours total. I curled ribbon around the top for an extra umph and shine.


The great thing was that people couldn’t help but notice them!  I wish I’d managed to get a picture of the display table but I totally failed.  As you can imagine, they looked great in a bucket with faux ice made of the shiny plastic wrap crumpled up into the bottom.

I absolutely love doing invitations and such that are different from the norm.  We did message in a bottle luau invitations for one of my daughters birthdays.  They were adorable too!  Also an unfortunate blogger fail as I forgot to get pictures of them as well.  I know, I know, it’s been crazy.  LOL

They would be great to take to the kid’s sports events to get invitations out to the whole team at once.  We also used water bottles decorated during a Cars themed party for ‘fuel’. just use a coordinating label.  The great thing is this invitation is 100% recyclable!  I absolutely love that little gem!


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