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Listen with Style

Listen With Style Cozy PhonesMusic is one of the ways that I find joy. If I’m clean I clean more thoroughly with music. If I’m crafting, I’m more creative with music. If I’m working out, I workout harder with music. Headphones that constantly fall out of my my ears seriously interferes with my groove both literally and figuratively (shout out to all you Emperor’s New Groove fans LOL)
When I first discovered these headphones I was super excited. Could these be the head phones that could stay in place while I work out, clean and whatever I need to get done and allow me and my kids to listen with style???

It is with great pleasure that I can inform you that they did stay in place. I love that they’re comfortable send to adjust where the speakers are you’re not only a great listening experience but also the ability to hear your surroundings if you need to. Thus far they have stood up to everything I put them through: power walking, cleaning, and even doing work on my koi pond in the back yard!

I really love the kids’ line as well!  They have unicorns, raccoons, foxes, frogs and so many more.  Of course, I’m partial to the Monkey Cozy Phones!  It takes away the worry of there being damage to the kids’ ears and you don’t have to worry about or deal with them constantly falling off!  All of which equal a win for Mom and kids.  Tired of hearing The Dispicables playing in the backseat?  This could solve your problem AND allow you to hear grown up stuff again over your car speakers!  I know that sounds like it couldn’t happen, but with these headphones it totally could become a reality!

Listen With Style: Cozy Phones HeadbandI highly recommend getting a set the only thing I would change about them would be to have a microphone on them for phone use but the fact that they don’t have a microphone forces me to stay focused oh my task and ignore phone calls so I suppose it’s probably best especially since I look for excuses to stop working out LOL.

Cozy Phones

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The New You #Divatress #beauty #ad

The New YouSo to get this out the way, this is a sponsored post. Since my opinion is not for sale, all are my own! Enjoy.
Ever noticed how an actress can look so different in real life versus on screen that she is difficult to recognize? Even when it’s in the tabloids, we have to do a double take because the difference is so huge! Granted, I’m sure they can easily tell and so can their personal friends and families but the average person can’t always tell. A good friend of mine is a celebrity nut for whatever reason and she can spot people like crazy! We both like to bicker, so I frequently argue with her but she is typically right but it is always entertaining to do anyway. That topic really made me start thinking about how I could alter my appearance for fun. I have to admit, sometimes I’m envious of that easy difference that my beautiful black friends and family members can make with wigs and weaves and what not. Many of them have made comments on my hair being so straight and ‘easy’ (it is, but I can do nothing with it).

For all of you black women out there, know this white chick is jealous of your hair. I absolutely love braids but dreads are not meant for white people hair, seriously not, and our braids must be taken out after a day or two to be able to wash or else we get this look that is just nasty. Our hair must be washed frequently to keep from looking disgusting, yours however is best when not constantly washed. If you want dreads and you aren’t black, get a wig, otherwise it’s just gross. Outside of your general group of friends, no one thinks that looks good. Unless you are that one chick, Bo Derrick, she pulled it off. Quite possibly due to the fact that she had a ton of professionals to make it happen. Some things are better left undone.

1. Get a New Look

I was totally amazed at how a different outfit can alter ones appearance. Especially if it’s not their typical style! It only takes a few key pieces of clothing to go from one style to a totally different one. You don’t have to go overboard shopping, hit up local thrift stores and find 2-3 key pieces for a look you don’t typically sport. The difference when put together with the other tips is astounding.

The New You 5 Ways to create, re-create, or just mix up the outward you!
Photos Courtesy of Divatress.com Vivica A Fox Handmade Collection

2. Accessorize

Accessories make a huge difference. Purses, jewelry, hats, wigs, hair pieces and others coordinated with that new look you are going for really pulls it together and completely alters the way we look. It can take us from one person to another simply and easily!

3. Step out of your comfort zone

It’s not always easy to try something new, especially something like a new look. Don’t let it stop you. If it helps, go into your mind and pretend you are playing a role like they do on stage. You are beautiful, no matter what’s on the outside so flaunt it!

4. Change your make-up style

I know I tend to use the same colors all the time and I put it on the same way every time. Youtube is full of new ways to expand your make-up regimen. Explore and experiment!

5. Change your hair

Finally, and this one can be the most drastic of all, change your hair! Play with wigs, hair styles, colors, the sky is the limit!  There are even temporary colors now that make everything seem incredibly different!

By the way, if a wig is a way you want to go you should check out Divatress!  They have a ton to choose from!  There are so many that I just love!  Definitely planning on using their site to change up my outward me soon.  I think it will be a fun thing to play with.

Remember this:
However you change up your style, whether it’s little things or a total appearance change, always remember that you are beautiful, special and it’s the inside that counts. No amount of outside change could ever change what’s deep down on the inside. So step out, check yourself and enjoy life to the fullest!