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MomHacks: Smarter Kids. Snapology. Prize.

Need I say More?

MomHacks: Smarter Kids.Snapology. Prize.

Smarter kids is something we strive for, getting them to learn can be a huge challenge though! Your child is bored, restless, eager to try something new and fun! You are wanting your child to grow and learn, and to benefit from something in a way that will last a lifetime…how do you find that fun your child wants and still get the learning experience you know your child needs? How can you help push them to higher intelligence without becoming a Tiger Mom?  Snapology! What is Snapology? The answer to your daily struggle of course!

Combining a new imaginative combination of fun and learning, Snapology provides hands on activities for children starting as young as 1 year all the way to that stubborn teenage year of 14! Using LEGO bricks, robotics, team building and technology; Snapology has created workshops, camps, and classes that offer STEM learning experiences through their awesome franchise!

STEM Learning with Snapology & A Giveaway

What is STEM learning?

Good question!

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach

Otherwise it is the education your child needs for their future in an ever growing technologically advanced society.

So not only is it so educational for your child, but also fun! No tigress needed, they gain exponential amounts of intelligence without even realizing they are learning!  Snapology offers opportunities to learn with birthday parties, school field trips, scouting events…and so much more!

They offer programs for special needs children as well!!! Which, let’s face it, finding a company that offers FUN and EDUCATION to children who sadly get over looked too often, that alone is a good enough reason to look further into this still growing franchise!

Can’t find a Snapology in your area? It is kids franchise business that is young and such a unique campaign that it is looking for help and support to spread its benefits to every child! Pass the word around and get the seed growing in your region!  In the meantime, you can also learn how to teach them some awesome optical illusions and check out these awesome coloring pages, right after you’ve finished planning your trip to Snapology!

MomHacks: Smarter Kids.Snapology. Prize. Need I say More?


Since Snaplogy loves parents too, they are providing this awesome giveaway.  How does it benefit parents specifically?  Aside from the difference between a cheap nursing home and a personal nurse in their mother-in-law quarters when we are too old to do things, it gives us a fun way to interact with them and keep them quiet while we are doing something else!  Let the smarter selves in your kids emerge while they have a blast!

5 Great Lessons Using Optical Illusions Sponsored by Let the Little Children Come

Let the Little Children Come

We all know how much children love candy! Wouldn’t it be amazing if parents could propel their children’s love for God to be even greater than their love for candy?! Let the Little Children Come has very similar ideas in the matter. Today I received an adorable little package that got me thinking more than I would have on my own. It was a paper pumpkin that you punch out and fold up to create the free standing pumpkin, each side of the pumpkin has a child friendly lesson inside of it. So that each one has to be read before it gets folded to create the pumpkin; little sayings such as “God loves you very much and he wants to be with you not just here on earth, but forever in heaven as well!”

The package also included a really neat optical illusion booklet complete with a view finder, you slide the view finder across the image and the images move and/or change. It was centered on the verse John 3:16, each image portraying something relative to the verse.

How fun! Not only are the kids learning a verse and learning wonderful messages about the love that God has for each of us but they are also learning how to look at things from different perspective and that some things aren’t always as they appear to be, which is in itself a very valuable lesson for children to learn early on.

Living in a world where optical illusions are everywhere, 6 our brains are practically hardwired to misinterpret them as reality. Optical illusions use color, images, and lights to deceive or mislead our brains. It occurs so often in the world that we hardly notice it happening at all. The information that is gathered by our eyes and then relayed to our brain creates a perception that in reality does not match the true image.  This fun piece of science can be used to teach some very valuable lessons!

5 Great Lessons Using Optical Illusions

  1. Teaching children early on how to decipher their own perceptions into what is true reality will help them also learn how to build stronger problem solving and judgment skills.
  2. Learning how to differentiate between reality and misconceptions will create a stronger defense against temptations that so often pull people from the path God has created for them.
  3. Teaching kids not to take things at face value and that “things aren’t always what they seem” will teach them that temptation comes in many forms.
  4. Optical Illusions can be utilized to practice more conscious caution.
  5. Since their mind is automatically forming a perception based on the information that it is receiving when viewing the illusions, we can use that to teach how Satan fools and deceives us.

Check them out!

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