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The Must Have for EVERY season: #thaumaturgic Bio Mist Spray

biomistAhh, summer.  Mosquito bites, sunburns and plenty of fun new scratches.  It’s funny that we tell kids not to pick and scratch at their skin abrasions, then we pretty much all do the same thing.  I know I do anyway.  When I read that Theralight could help with itching skin, I was super excited.  For whatever reason, I attract every biting insect within a 10 mile radius, they just love me.  So I tried it out with an evil mosquito bite.  Initially, the cool topical mist provides an instant itch relief on the area of the bite but after it dries the itching begins, at least the first dozen or so times.  Eventually, the itchiness went away even before the bite was gone.


The true test, for me anyway, was on razor burn.  I seriously hate it and every time I get it I become a whining child.  Being itchy and mature about it at the same time does not work for me.  You get one or the other, unfortunately it is not an option I tend to get a choice in.  I recently used a razor that apparently needed to be thrown out along with a my husband’s shaving cream and the combination was lethal.  The legs were somewhat burned but the bikini area was super burned.  Needless to say, after I got out of the shower lotion seemed out of the question.  Immediately after spritzing my legs and bikini area with Thaumaturgic Bio Mist, the burning and itching stopped.  The great thing was, it never came back.  Just for the heck of it, I spritzed my legs again that night but they never became inflamed again.  Typically, day two is itchy and terrible but not this go round!

Thaumaturgic Bio Mist is a hypo-allergenic mist that helps to intensify your skins healing capabilities.  According to the company, it has been used to treat sun burns, skin abrasions, acne, redness and inflammation due to waxing, piercings, soothing newly tattood skin, rosacea, fine lines, swelling, scar reduction, reduce pores and even more.  I played with it for a few weeks and found it to be quite convenient.  I am really loving it.  In this time, I have used it for mosquito bites, torn skin (I have a nasty habit of peeling the skin around my nails), razor burn on my legs and bikini area, as well as itchiness due to trimming back growth on my fence and shrubs.

So, over all I have to say I am loving the spray.  First off, because it has earned it’s place to make me stop being itchy without any harmful chemicals.  That’s generally enough for me!  It is free from all possible skin irritants (the company lists: parabens, fragrances, artificial colors, sodium sulfates, oils, alcohol and preservatives) and it is formulated for all skin types.  This is especially awesome for my household as we are an interracial family and many products that I can use irritate the heck out of Chief Zoo Keeper’s skin while many of his products make mine extremely oily.  It’s always nice to have one that will work for both of us!

So, check them out and get yours today.  Let me assure you, you are gonna make it one of your must have staples for pretty much anything skin related!  Due to the small amount required, a bottle should last a very long time, provided it is stored properly in a cool place (heat will evaporate any liquid!)  Theralight, Inc boasts the following:

“Light therapy by TheraLight, Inc. offers the most effective skin treatments via medical and/or cosmetic systems established with strong considerations for Physics, Engineering, Physiology, and Science……Not only do they pay attention to the benefits of global sustainability, but Theralight, Inc. also prides itself in the quality of their products. Each product is made to last with the ability to product the absolute best results.”

“Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity by Theralight, Inc. to review this product. However, the brand or company has not influenced me in any way to provide any type of review other than my true and honest opinions. I am disclosing all information provided in this review according to the information provided in Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”





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One thought on “The Must Have for EVERY season: #thaumaturgic Bio Mist Spray

  • Michelle N

    This looks perfect for summer and winter skin ailments. My skin gets so dry and chapped in the winter. I don’t even live in an area where it snows and I still get sore skin.


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