How to Save Brown Sugar & 3 R’s Video

Okay, so I was so excited about this that I was running around the house to show my husband and daughter…  If you didn’t guess, they weren’t all that impressed.  I’m not even sure the picture does it justice.  By the time I was done, the dried out brown sugar looked like I had just bought it!!!   Also, as per my crazy reduce, reuse, recycle obsession (many, many kudos to the marketing guys in the 90’s when they were running those ads all the time!), the container the sugar is kept in is a re-purposed ice cream container!  (Thanks to Blue Bunny for those great containers!)
Here’s the EASY step by step!
  1. Place brown sugar in microwave safe container
  2. Place container and a coffee mug of water in the microwave
  3. Heat for 30 seconds
  4. Remove the brown sugar from microwave
  5. Stir
  6. Is it back to it’s original glory?  If not, go back to step 1.  It typically takes 5 or 6 times, depending on how much sugar you have.  😀
I couldn’t find any of the commercials from my youth….  Pre- youtube!  So instead I’m sharing this video because I thought it was cute!  😀

Originally posted 2013-06-08 00:01:00.

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2 thoughts on “How to Save Brown Sugar & 3 R’s Video”

  1. You are awesome! I just found some hard brown sugar in the pantry when my hubby needed some for his oatmeal. He likes the dark brown and it has gotten costly! And if I break down and eat the rest of the Mint Choco Chip that is in the freezer I have a Blue Bunny container for when I “fix” it!

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