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Valentine’s Frog Card

My daughter just loves frogs at the moment, so I made her Valentine with a frog just for her!  I got the image offline, it is a free color page.  The I traced it onto white cardstock with sharpie’s and colored it in using colored pencils.  I chalked the edges to add a little bit of more color.


Since her card isn’t going into an envelope, I folded it so that I could close it.  I chose this Bible verse because I think she’ll like it and wrote a little note for her on the inside.
Finally: The back.  The card folds over on itself to close up easily but I didn’t want to leave it blank, just looked too plain!  I did the hearts using my Cricut machine, but you can change up the design if you don’t have access to one.  Other than that, it’s just layered paper!  Hope you enjoyed!!!

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Valentine Chocolate Box Card

Quick Simple Valentine's Day CardCathy's Flower's & EventsI love Valentine’s day!  Spent quite a lot of time working in my Granny’s flower shop growing up.  Something about the hustle and insanity in the back of a

flower shop makes me so happy!  I have de-thorned more roses than I could ever count and loved every minute of it….  Well, perhaps not every one but lots of them.  That’, ladies and gentleman, is one of the


many reasons it’s better to get roses from a good flower shop than from the grocery store.  No worries about anyone getting stabbed with those awful thorns!  If you happen to live in the River Valley in Arkansas, I promise they are the best florist you will ever find!  Be sure and check out Cathy’s Flower’s & Events for all of your floral needs and event planning!  They did our wedding and it was absolutely gorgeous!

Valentine's Day Card

For those of you who love your Cricut, I thought I’d share this adorable card I made!  Who doesn’t love chocolate boxes?  I found this one absolutely adorable and totally perfect for a quick Valentine’s card!

I used Paper Doll Dress Up Cricut Cartridge, it’s on the ‘prom boy’ Accessories 2, cut at 3 1/4 inch.  I used a sharpie to do the black (had to do 2 layers to get it dark enough) and a gold paint pen purchased at Hobby Lobby.  If you are using card stock, it won’t leak through.  I would suggest it but if you need/want to use thinner paper, just be sure and put something under it and let it dry before gluing it on.

Valentine's Day Card

This is the inside of the card.  In order to use a scrap piece of card stock that would have otherwise been useless and made the card open vertically.  Added my little ‘poem’ and it’s ready to go!  Enjoy!!!


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Make Your Own Post Cards

So, I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a little issue with throwing things away!  I always think ‘I could re-use this’ so I keep too much stuff!!!  For example, I have a ‘collection’ of old cards, some from people whom I no longer remember and some from samples I get in the mail.  SO, I decided to do something so that I could use them!

I meant to take a pic before I cut the card, but we all know I tend to forget to take them, so I flipped it over so you could see the inside.  “Your message here”  Written, I’m sure so that we would order the cards instead of use the ones we were sent!  Ha!!!  Jokes on them!  The cards are gorgeous, but SO expensive!!!  I have a zoo to run, can’t be wasting  hundreds of dollars on cards!!!  Frugality people!!!

I took the back page of the card and glued it to the front so that I would have a smooth surface to write on.    Drew on the postcard lines.  
Here is the front of the card,   I was going to put it beside the other image, but it won’t cooperate and I’m too tired to fight with it!!!  LOL.  This is what happens when the Zoo Keeper waits until the Monkey goes to bed to do something!!!  LOL
Next, I took my Crop-O-Dile and punched holes so that I could thread  through them to ensure the glue didn’t flake out in shipping!

To cover the label in the left corner of the back of the card, I used some stickers I had.  I added tape just for good measure.  Not real trusting of the stupid glue!!!  LOL

So, there ya have it!  A postcard to mail!  Yay!!!  One thing to keep in mind though is that with the size of a regular card and the thread, mailing it will cost a little bit more.  I took it to the post office to make sure and was told it would cost 64 cents to mail.  If I had left off the thread, it would have been 20 cents less.  Go figure!!!  LOL.  In order to get the post card stamps to work on homemade post cards, they have to be regulation size.  You can look them up on or simply add them to a package or gift bag and avoid shipping them alone!!!  You could always put them in an envelope too, that would just cost the normal rate!!!

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Sweetie Pie

Okay, I know, AMAZINGLY similar to yesterday’s card.  Look, I’m on V-day burnout.  At this point, I am wanting to throw all pink and sweet and hearts out the window!!!  I’m seriously thinking, Halloween should be right after Valentine’s Day.  It would work like this:  mushy love stuff, blah blah blah  then  *BAM*  rotten tricks and scary little treats!!!  Let’s be honest, you are thinkin something along the same lines!!!  So, yeah.  Pie cut a bit bigger than the other.  I cut it at 4 inces.  Um, torn paper.  Oh yeah, In My Kitchen Cricut cartridge.  You can figure the rest out.  Blah.  I’m going to go poke someone.  Need something rotten.  Too much mushy love stuff!!!  LOL
Okay, to go along with the simplicity of V-day craft burnout, well, you can see the simplicity.  LOL.  To keep my nieces from feeling like the one least loved, and who lost the ‘better than yours game’ (see previous blog  *smart way to trick ya into stayin a little longer!  LOL), I added the cupids.  I punched them out of the top sheet and stuck the red behind it.  Simplicity.  Ahh, yes. 

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