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Mock Sonic Limeades

First, I have to note.  Having a blender is not a necessary contraption.  I mean, there are all kinds of devices that can sort of do the same thing.  The food processor, for example, could surely blend a drink.  Right?  Or, considering we can get crushed ice out of our fridge, a close second could be obtained using that.  However, since our blender died a couple of days ago, nothing seems to make me feel like wanting to blend a drink more!  Especially since I found this recipe and fell in love with it, right before the stupid thing decided to die.  So, I suppose I will be getting online today, in search of replacing my blender.  Joy of joys.  We’ve only had that thing a year or so!  Of course, Chief Zoo Keeper does use it almost literally every day….  Still….

Now, past my venting and on to the good stuff!  BTW, tastes just like sonic except as a slushy since the ice is blended in.  You could quite easily leave it out and use regular ice.  😀

Mock Sonic Limeades!
2 c water
1 c lime juice
1/4 c sugar
5-6 Strawberries (could use more or less)
(also could use cherries if you prefer)
ice.  didn’t measure…
Fill blender with ice.  Add other ingredients.  Blend.
I know, it’s rocket science but you can do it!

What’s your favorite cool down drink on a hot summer day???

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Strawberry Lemonade Slushie

1/2 + 1/8 c lemon juice
1 c sugar
1 tsp honey
3-4 strawberries

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Chocolate Syrup

Okay, will start by saying this is WAY better than Hershey’s, and formerly I would have been aghast at someone saying that!  I’m a chocoholic!  However, once you make the recipe you’ll be addicted too!  You’ll never go back to store  bought syrup!  You get the flavor of actual chocolate, not additives!  😀  SO, it’s healthier!  It will keep for up to 3 months in the fridge, so make some and enjoy!

 Chocolate Syrup
1 cup coa-coa powder
2 cups water
4 cups sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Mix coa-coa powder, water, and sugar in large saucepan.  
Heat and stir to dissolve. 
 Be careful not to let it boil over!
Boil for 3 minutes over medium heat.
Add salt and vanilla.
Let cool.
Pour into glass jar, store in fridge.
Goes great in a glass of milk, over ice cream, or in coffee!!!

The clumps are from my letting it sit on the stove to cool too long!

It has such great chocolate flavor, you don’t have to use as much syrup.  The down side is you don’t get the chocolate color, but it’s work the sacrifice! 
As a side note, my brothers are crashing on the couch.  I just wanted to say I am thankful for family.  Even in the moments where all they are doing is providing a pillow for our dog!  

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TamarindoSo, we love Mexican food at the Zoo, but Chief Zoo Keeper is not a huge fan as we tend to want it constantly.  He does, however, LOVE tamarindo!!!  Typically, he only gets it at Mexican Eateries as he likes it fresh, but not pre-made.  In an effort to appease him so we could have Mexican food again (probably for the 15th time of the month!), I decided to learn to make it!!!  I found a recipe on that used tamarind paste, but couldn’t fine any at the stores.  I went to the local Mexican store in town and the lovely gentleman told me how to make it traditionally!  YAY!!!  It was great AND the Chief didn’t complain about having Mexican food that night!!!  Bonus for me!!!

Tamarindo:  Per Wikipedia’s Description
Agua de tamarindo is an agua fresca drink from Mexican cuisine. It is made with tamarind after it has been boiled in water, has had its seeds removed, and has been liquified and combined with sugar. (If your mixture comes out too acidic you may need to dilute it more with water or use less Tamarindo.) It is typically sold at taquerías and typical cuisine restaurants in Mexico. It has gained popularity in other Latin American countries, as well as in Mexican populations in the United States and elsewhere. Tamarindo is also sold as a flavor of soda, the first of which was produced by the company Jarritos.

Forgive the pictures as they aren’t all that appealing, but the flavor is awesome!!!  Hope you enjoy!!!

1. Start with 1 lb of tamarind.  (Sorry I forgot to take some of the pics!!!)  Take the shell off of them.  Be patient, this takes a little while!!!
2.  Next boil the tamarind in a gallon of water.  You’ll know when it’s done as it will sink to the bottom.

3.  Strain the tamarind into a pitcher, let the tamarind cool!!!

4.  Take the seeds out of the tamarinds.  It’s really soft so you just use your hands, just remember it is super messy!!!  Dispose of the seeds and hard parts in the trash as your garbage disposal gets a little angry if you try to put them in!!!
5. Run the pulp through your blender, if you like pulp in your drinks.  It won’t take all of the pulp, just use as much as you like!!!

6.  Add 1 1/2 cups of sugar and fill the rest of the pitcher with water, it won’t take much.  Serve over ice or chill and serve without!!!

**If it’s not sweet enough, you can add more sugar!!!  If it’s too acidic, add water and use less tamarind next time!!!

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Almost Fresh Lemonade

LemonadeOkay, homemade lemonade beats any other, hands down! SO, I decided to make some. I don’t have a juicer and wasn’t interested in the work involved, so I bought a large bottle of lemon juice! This is to make 1 gallon. I took some of the lemonade and poured into ice molds, adding fresh strawberries. As the ice melts, you slowly get the flavor and goodness of Strawberry Lemonade!!! This one is a keeper! We really enjoyed it!!!
2 cups Sugar
1 Cup lemon juice
Fill the rest with water!!!
***You can use less sugar, I like it all sweet here at the Zoo!!!

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