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ProXeed Review

Hey Everyone!  I recently received a sample of ProXeed to review.  ProXeed is a male fertility enhancer, designed to help improve or optimize the quality of sperm in men.  They state that in one study there was a 20% increase in pregnancy rates.  Taken over 6 months, ProXeed has proven to improve sperm count, concentration, motility, and speed.  ProXeed is in powder form and easily dissolves in cold beverages.  It has added nutrients to reduce oxidative damage and support the formation and maturation of sperm.  It has a fruit flavor and is 12 calories per pack.  They are to be taken twice daily, and results are said to show in as little as 3 months.  The product runs at $125 for 1 months supply.  You can read more at their site

 In compliance with the powers that be, I received a sample of ProXeed in exchange for this post.  No money was exchanged.  My opinions are always my own.  Please see the PR tab for more details. 

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Fertibella: Conceive with Ease

Hey Everyone!  I don’t know if you’ve heard of this, but I hope bringing it to your attention will help you!  Fertibella is, obviously, made to help those having issues conceiving overcome those obstacles.  Trying to conceive can be a very stressful process, especially considering our patience runs out pretty quickly!
Fertibella is an all natural way to help speed up the process of conception.  It is formulated, according to their website, to boost your body’s fertility in 28 days.  Once cycle!  You can go here and see the science behind fertility and how Fertibella can help you.

If you decide you would like to try their products, they have a Money Back Guarantee.  If you try it for 30 days, and it doesn’t meet your satisfaction, just ship the bottles and any remaining doses back to them and all you are out are shipping costs!  You also get a bonus of 10 early result pregnancy tests and 10 ovulation tests, or 20 of one of them.  Those you keep regardless.  😀   Even if you do end up sending them back, shipping will be way less than the cost of 20 of those tests! 
Have any of you tried Fertibella?  I’d love to hear if any of our Zoo members has used it!  What are your thoughts on trying it? 

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Sperm Check Male Fertility Test Info

Planning to get pregnant soon and want to prepare? Trying to get pregnant and having issues? Introducing SpermCheck® Fertility, the fast, accurate, affordable, at-home sperm count test for men, now available online from
Each year 11 million couples will try to have a baby, but about 7 million of those couples will have fertility issues and the most commonly accepted myth is that the woman is mostly to blame. The fact is that about 50% of all infertility problems are directly attributed to the male, and most of them are mainly due to low sperm count. Still many men are reluctant to get their sperm tested because up until now they had to go to their healthcare provider and perform the test in the doctor’s office or lab. Such laboratory sperm tests can be costly, as well as embarrassing.
Now with a new at-home test kit called SpermCheck® Fertility, men can test their sperm count in the privacy of their home. SpermCheck Fertility is the only FDA approved, 98% accurate home test for men – it’s as accurate as a lab test but more affordable and convenient. In just 10 minutes, the easy-to-read results indicate a normal or below normal sperm count.  The SpermCheck® Fertility test costs substantially less than a visit to the doctor without the embarrassment and indignities of providing a semen sample to a doctor or nurse.
Experts agree that a sperm count test should be the very first and essential step in fertility testing for couples – it’s non-invasive and can help eliminate or identify a potential stumbling block to conception.
Whether you are planning a pregnancy in the near future or have been trying to conceive, this inexpensive home test can help couples to save time, money and frustration.
Why SpermCheck® Fertility?
  • SpermCheck® Fertility FDA approved
  • SpermCheck® Fertility is as accurate as lab testing – 98% accurate
  • SpermCheck® Fertility is private and convenient – done in the privacy of your own home
  • SpermCheck® Fertility is affordable —just $39.99
  • SpermCheck® Fertility is fast and easy – provide easy to read results in 10 minutes
SpermCheck® Fertility is currently available online at and and will be available in Walgreens stores nationwide in April 2012. Suggested retail price is $39.99. for more information about SpermCheck® Fertility, visit For the latest information on store availability, news and special giveaway offers, join our Facebook community .

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Travelling Through Infertility: Sponsored by The Stork OTC

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the-stork-otc-at-cvsYou may have read a little about my infertility journey before. Our previous journey took us through seven years of infertility. At the end of that journey, we had a beautiful baby girl who was on this earth for a short period of time.  She was amazing and now we are back on that journey. Funny, now that we know the exact feeling that we are missing, it is even harder (obviously for different reasons and for the same reason too). I am fairly certain that extra stress is making the infertility issues even more challenging. So, we’re having to try even more than we did before.

If you struggle with infertility, then you understand the ‘we will try anything’ point that we get to. So, this go round I’m adding in oils, herbs, and trying out The Stork OTC. The Stork OTC aids in conception by holding the sperm at the base of the cervix for up to six hours, therefore optimizing chances of conception. (If you want to buy it in store, CVS has them in the family planning section next to ovulation test kits and pregnancy tests. I keep thinking about how I’m not getting younger and how I want another baby so badly. There are mixed product reviews, but there are quite a few that report success, and since those just so happen to be the same ones that talk about how they watched the instructional video and seemed to have done their homework, I’m thinking that this will be quite successful for us as well!

the-stork-otc-aisleObviously, optimum utilization means you use it at the most fertile day of your cycle. If you are confused on how this works you aren’t alone! Your cycle starts the first day of your period. From there, with that first day being day one, after your period will come your ovulating days. The most effective way to detect ovulation is with an ovulation test that can be done at home. During your ovulation, this is when The Stork OTC can be most effective.


On September 28 th , there will be a #whyStorkOTC twitter party at 8 pm EST. During the Twitter party, you’ll learn tips on conceiving naturally and learn a bit more about Stork OTC. Plus there will be prizes given away as well!

“This is a sponsored conversation from Mums the Word Network and The Stork OTC. All opinions are my own.”