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Easy Indian Cooking: Ready to Spice Up The Menu?

easy indian cooking second editionIndian dishes are hard to find around these parts, there aren’t many places in Arkansas/Oklahoma you can get good Indian food. That made me particularly happy that I could check out Easy Indian Cooking (2nd edition). It’s always nice to have meals that are different!

One of my favorite things about the book is the way the author, Suneeta Vaswani, breaks it down. All of the intimidation is taken out as the basics are broken down so well even a meat and potato Southern girl like me can understand! The book is broken down into some easy go to chapters so that you can seek out just what you are looking for.

Another thing I love about the book, aside from the stunningly appetizing photos, is the amount of things I was able to learn about Indian culture. For example, flipping through the first time I learned about Chaat, which is part of the first chapter of recipes. Chaato, the verb form, means to lick.

I thought it was pretty cool that there is a whole section of foods designed to go under that category. Reminded me of growing up and licking the spoon when the adults cooked, you only wanted to do that to the best dishes, so these have to be great!!!

About the Book

From the Website

Indian cooking is an exciting cuisine, and now it’s easier to make than ever.

This new edition of Suneeta’s first release features 8 additional photos, as well as 30 all-new recipes. All of the dishes are richly flavored but are not complicated to create at home.

The recipes are easy for beginners to make, while also appealing to experienced home cooks and those already familiar with Indian cuisine. You’ll be absolutely delighted and amazed by the authentic flavor of these easy-to-prepare recipes.
Suneeta’s repertoire of 150 exciting and inspired recipes includes classic recipes from northern and southern India, as well as her personal favorites, all of which have been adapted for North American kitchens. These savory and tantalizing dishes bring the innovative flavors of India to your home.

Armed with the delicious recipes in this book and some aromatic Indian spices, you can prepare everything from snacks and appetizers to poultry, fish and vegetarian meals. There are also chapters dedicated to accompaniments, such as chutneys, sweets and beverages, so you can create a truly authentic Indian dining experience.

Suneeta shares her wealth of Indian cooking experience and knowledge by providing insightful cooking tips throughout the book. Whether you already love Indian cooking or are thinking about giving it a try, this is the perfect place to start.

About the Author

(From the Publishers Website)

Suneeta Vaswani was born in Mumbai, India, and lived in Houston, Texas, for many years. She has taught Indian cooking in the U.S. and internationally for over 30 years and has recently moved back to Mumbai.

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