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Getting Personal: Confessing My Crazy


I took that ‘Are you open’ quiz and got 48%.  I guess that’s okay, but as a blogger I thought I should be WAY more open than that.  If nothing else, then with my readers!  Besides, if you don’t like it, what are you gonna do?  Throw tomatoes?  I guess stop reading, and that would stink, but all things must end eventually, right???

In honor of that sentiment, and to throw it in their face that I’m not JUST 48% open (though who knows, maybe this is part of my 48) I decided to share some of my crazies with you…  Things that most people don’t know, that I really don’t tell them, and that you are now privy to.  Feel free to share your crazies, as perhaps it will take some of the red off my face!  LOL.

1. I talk to people that aren’t here, like the other day I was looking for my keys and was very excited when I thought I found them (I hadn’t) so I say out loud (to my husband) “Yeah, I found them…  They were in my jeans pocket…”  I didn’t.  They weren’t.  And he wasn’t here…

2.  If TatorBug (my dog) is in the laundry basket I need in, I make him a bed in another one then move him…  He typically jumps back after I’m done if there are still clothes in it…

3.  I hide things, REALLY well!  So well, in fact, that I frequently lose them for very long periods of time…  Like  a Christmas present from last year I found 8 months later…..

4.  Even if I don’t like something, I don’t want to throw it away….  It actually bothers me to do so…

5.  If a paper gets bent or creased it drives me insane.  I can’t stand it.  No clue why…  Just don’t bend the paper…  It is REALLY not necessary to bend it!

6.  I am very outspoken…  That being said, I am secretly terrified someone won’t like me.  I could trace that back to something I’m sure, but it’s just weird that I speak so much of my mind but am constantly scared someone won’t like me…  I had hoped I would outgrow that one…

7.  I am so scared of failure that I quit when things get tough…  Yeah, there’s one for ya…  Don’t think that one is crazy, just makes me a chicken.  This confession hurts a little…





Hi all! My name is Kaycee. I am now learning to navigate life as a single woman. Turns out, it's not all about husband and children. Who knew? So, I'm on a journey of self discovery. I have 5 children, 3 of which are married, 5 2 are in Heaven (my beautiful baby Acadia Reign and my Diva Princess Tara Elizabeth), and 7 grandchildren! Plus, a ton of fabulous nieces and nephews! My educational background is in Psychology and Child Development but my heart is in ministry, crafts, fun, reviews and my website, My Crafty Zoo. Or at least it was, now I'm learning who I really am, beneath all of the busy family life. It's an adventure to be sure. I look forward to continuing to share my life through word and pictures with you and love hearing your feedback! Thank you for taking the time to read and allowing me to share! I look forward to reading your comments!

3 thoughts on “Getting Personal: Confessing My Crazy

  • Dana Rodriguez

    LOL we are very alike. Only one I am a little different about is #5 but I have a similar quirk. Napkins and paper towels must face a certain way. And that TP better be over not under. I am very OCD.

    • That is awesome! So glad I’m not the only one! LOL. Oh, the TP battle… LOL. My Service Dog (as an untrained puppy) ate the roll thingy in our guest bathroom so we don’t have one anymore. No more concern, tp is just out like a mad house here now. haha

  • Tamra Phelps

    Hey, we all have a little craziness. I talk to my Mom still, if I know something would interest her, even though she’s been dead for a few years.


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