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A lot of people around where I’m from are skeptics when it comes to fondant, if you are in that boat, let me put your mind at ease. Recently we celebrated Monkey’s birthday and, believe it or not, her favorite cookies are those sugar cookies with icing on them. Since it was just the three of us, we decided to go with those rather than a cake.  I couldn’t have my girl not having something special, so when I was a chance to try out these great sheets came up, I was on it!

As you can see in the pic, she really liked them.  I’m not going to lie though, she was surprised to find them as we had sent her on a scavenger hunt and that’s where she found them.  But that, my friends, is for another post!  Believe it or not, this was quite similar to the face she made when she actually did find them!  I have to note, they have so much faith in my crafting ability that they thought I made them.  LOL.  LOVE my family sometimes!


Anyway, on to the review!  The toppers came stuck to a plastic sheet as pictured.  They were very easy to peel and very durable.  Sticking them on the icing was simple as well.  Just had to put them on and gently press them down.  They came with instructions, which is always appreciated!  You may notice some of the ones below say ‘welcome home’, we have those for an upcoming event so we’ll post them soon.

The flavor was great, it complimented our non-dairy vanilla icing perfectly.  Not overshadowing, simply adding a subtle  layer of flavor.

They are easy to store, a dry place at room temp works just fine so you don’t have to worry about using them immediately.  Their website states that the frosting sheets can stay good for up to a year, though they are best if used within 3 months as the color fades and they begin to dry somewhat, making them a little less pliable.  We had ours roughly a month before using them and they were very easy to use!

IMG_3360We really enjoyed them.  They were simple to put on the cookies and they tasted great!  There weren’t really any downsides, well…  until we ran out of cookies!  We really appreciated that extra layer of flavor they added and loved the way they dressed up such a simple little cookie!

Go Frost Yourself  makes custom fondant and wafer sheets.  The fondant (which is pictured) blend into both traditional icing and other fondant.  The wafer sheets are made to be able to stand up to add an extra umph (for lack of a better word) to your dessert of choice.  They have some adorable wafer butterflies that I just love, only I know that I wouldn’t want to eat them…  Sometimes I think I’m a bit of a hoarder…  Again, another post!  LOL.

Check out some of their awesome creations here!



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  1. 🤭Oops! Never mind, Sarah, I got into their website. Evidently I clicked on the wrong thing. Sorry ‘bout that. I should of tried that one before I made my first post.

    1. They’d changed the link. I removed the old one and added the correct link. 😀 I’m glad you love them too! They tasted as great as they looked!

    1. Me too!!! Of course, I am a lover of all butterfly’s… Well, maybe not moths…. Thanks for entering! Good luck!

    1. I hear Angry Birds are addictive. LOL. When my daughter asks for them (she’s 18), I tell her to go chase the birds in our backyard and she will have a lot of angry birds! LOL. Thanks for entering!

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