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Health and Hygiene

Healthy Tips to Start Feeling Better By Tomorrow & Win Our Giveaway!

Healthy tips are always welcome in my world, especially when they are easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle! It seems like I can never catch up with things and that just doesn’t slow down often!

Healthy Tips to Start Feeling Better By Tomorrow & Win Our Giveaway!

There was a time when I’d go to the gym at least three or four times a day, make sure I drank lots of water and even ate healthy. I felt great! I even had more self confidence! Sadly, an injury broke my stride and getting back into it has not been easy. Irregardless of how much I tell myself I’m going to go, get busy or whatever else, I’m still over here not accomplishing much more than what is absolutely necessary and I’m not at all a fan!

With all of that in mind, and to get myself back in line, I thought I’d share some healthy tips. These healthy tips are all things that have actually worked for me, not just what I read, heard or whatever! Suffer through them a whole day and by tomorrow you’ll have a little boost. Stick with them and you’ll be feeling better all of the time!

Healthy Tips…. Here Goes My Friends!

    1. Drink water. I know, we all know that but I promise it will not only make you feel better, but even your skin will show improvement! To encourage yourself to do so, find some water bottles you love (like these from an old post ‘Keeping Cool When It’s Chilly‘ with my late Tatorbug whom I miss so very much.)
    2. Lists! I can’t stress enough how much lists can ease the craziness of life! Even if you aren’t a list person, try this one out. Get a piece of paper and number it to ten. Now, write down ten things you are thankful about in full sentence form. It doesn’t have to be big things, if you are in a bad place they can be little things. In example, today started out rough and I was not in a good place so mine today started like this: ‘I’m grateful for the air conditioning.’ See, not really deep but it works. By number ten, I was in a much healthier mental place.
    3. Get up and move. Even if you aren’t a gym person, find things to do to move a little more. One thing I do when I know I haven’t been getting much done is fold the laundry in the living room and put them away a piece at a time. That way, I get more steps in and I’m a little more active. You’ll be amazed at how much this helps! It keeps you limber, encourages healthy muscles and you’ll sleep better because you’ve gotten more energy out! It’s a winner all around.
    4. Put down the carbs every chance you get! Carbs are delicious, but unfortunately they are super temporary in energy and pretty long term in those fatty areas we hate so much. So, every chance you get forego the carbs. They weigh you down, literally and physically. Once you get use to it, you’ll be glad. Plus, you’ll feel better tomorrow which is what these healthy tips are supposed to be helping with!
    5. Meditate, have quiet time, whatever you want to call it. Do this: take a little bit of time to commune with God or just be still. I prefer super early before the world is interfering with my mind. You’ll find that even just 15 minutes clears so much. Don’t spend it thinking of your to-do list, focus on doing next to nothing. I like to journal or do my Bible study for my quiet time. Whatever it is that works for you, do that! Your mind will be refreshed and it will make a huge difference in your day, it definitely does for me. If it helps, you can print off my free printable to help you focus and find your joy.
    6. Vitamins. Regardless of how healthy you feel or think you are, vitamins have a lot to offer and will help you be at your best. Check our our vitamin list for a little more information on which to take, or not take. I take a daily multivitamin and when I wasn’t sure if it was helping I took a break only to quickly find out just how much it actually helped me! This one, of course, may take a few days to see a difference.
    7. Forgive yourself. Little things and big things happen all of the time and we are quick to tell ourselves things like ‘I should’ve done blank. I’m stupid. That’s was a dumb decision.’ Instead, force yourself to stop those thoughts, if they just won’t stop, start repeating the opposite to yourself: ‘I am not stupid, I messed up. From that mistake I learned ___. I am a good person, things happen. It’s okay.’ I know it may feel a bit strange, but it’s much better than the alternative and it will help you grow and feel better!

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19 thoughts on “Healthy Tips to Start Feeling Better By Tomorrow & Win Our Giveaway!

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  • A nice soak in the tub always makes me feel better.

  • cindy legg

    i just try to eat well balanced meals i do the keto diet. and get some exercise and good sleep. a lot of it is mental too stay happy when u can and calm. i love hair skin and nail vitamins too im older middle aged n it really helps me out some.

    • My sister does Keto, hers is for health reasons though. She seems to like it, that or she’s accepted it enough that she doesn’t complain. LOL. I miss exercise! Waiting to recover fully from surgery and plan on getting back at it!

  • I have an injury and intermittent fasting has helped maintain my weight but going back to exercising has been challenging.

  • Drinking water is a good thing. I drop a few drops of lemon into the water to make it more interesting. Also making sure you are hydrated is very important in the summer months. having items such as a cucumber add hydration and taste at the same time.

  • I like to make most things homemade.

    • That’s always much healthier! My problem with that is time/energy and my vast list of excuses!

  • I didn’t know that I was Vitamin D deficient.
    I found out last winter. We don’t get the vitamin D through the sun’s rays that we need in the months without the sun 🌞
    I have really noticed the difference. I am not in a depressed mood as much anymore!
    Plus I talk with God and pray. HE makes feel better ❤️‍🩹

    • I totally agree that He makes all things better! I’m glad that you found out that you were deficient and that you are feeling much better these days! That is wonderful and for sure a ‘God thing!’

  • Anne Perry

    I drink apple cider vinegar and take a magnesium supplement.

    • I was recently advised to start taking magnesium as well! I’d love to hear how it’s helping you (or anyone else!).

  • Audrey Stewart

    I walk every morning. It makes me feel good the rest of the day.

  • try to get extra exercise on those days

    • That’s a great idea! Endorphins from exercise are a great feeling!

  • Lisa Williams

    Some of the things I do to stay healthy are taking my vitamins everyday,drinking more water and I go on daily walks.

    • Those are all great habits! I have been lacking in my exercise and it definitely shows in how I feel!


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